What Would Your Prohibition Era Job Be?

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The Prohibition era lasted from 1920 to 1933, and meant a complete ban on alcohol across the United States. Of course, since most people drink and very few of those are willing to go without, this immediately resulted in a huge underground smuggling operation, known as "bootlegging." Secret drinking clubs sprang up, known as "speakeasies," which were so common and accepted that you could easily go there and see local officials hanging out and drinking quite openly. Overall, Prohibition was one of the great failed social experiments of history. It was revoked in 1933 by the 21st Amendment - though technically Mississippi hung onto it until 1966. Ultimately, the whole thing was probably a doomed idea, even if it came from a noble impulse of helping with shocking rates of alcoholism and alcohol abuse.

As with any government ban, there were plenty of people willing to find workarounds, from gangsters and smugglers to the people who ran the speakeasies. Some of them grew very rich, which even included notable families like the Kennedys (yes, those Kennedys). There were also plenty of police officers arrayed against them, doing their best to contain the tide of illegal liquor - honest people who were handed a seemingly insurmountable task. Some of these were the FBI agents known as the Untouchables, who successfully took down liquor kingpin Al Capone, unlike local cops who looked the other day. Where would you have fit in among them all? Take this quiz and find out!

Do you think Prohibition is a good idea?

Do you mind a little violence?

Do you drink yourself?

Have you ever taken a bribe?

Are you resourceful?

Do you always get yours?

Do you want to get the bad guys?

Do you believe in such a thing as a victimless crime?

How do you feel about the temperance movement?

Would you carry a gun?

Do you fear jail?

Do you like working with others?

Are you a good host?

Are you good with money?

Do you like working in a loud environment?

Do you like sneaking around late at night?

Are you good at coming up with passwords?

Do you like to wear a uniform?

How much do you value job security?

Do you plan on living to a ripe old age?

How much do you value money?

Do you like the feeling of getting away with something?

Do you have a family to support?

Do you like a veneer of respectability?

Do you like live music?

Do you mind getting your hands dirty?

What stage of a business transaction excites you most?

Do you anticipate being affected by the Wall Street Crash?

How good a driver are you?

What would you drink your alcohol out of?

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