What Would Your Position Be in a Coven?

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A coven doesn’t have to be a big, formal thing. It’s basically just any group of witches that meets regularly. This group will have a book of rules, usually, that all members must follow. If the coven chooses to get a little more official, there will be different positions that members can be voted into. These are basically the leadership roles of the coven, and these individuals will be there for guidance for the other witches.

Back in old Europe, a coven was specifically a group of 13 witches, and the term actually wasn’t used in English until the 1920s. Practitioners of the Wicca religion are pretty much the only ones still gathering in covens in a serious capacity, as they believe in the practice of witchcraft.

No matter what you do in your coven, how it was started or what you believe in, a coven needs some kind of organization. Would you prefer to be the leader of the whole thing or would you want to take a smaller role that doesn’t bring you a ton of attention? All positions within a coven matter, so even if you choose a lesser role, you’re still considered important. Want to know which position you’d have in a coven? Take this quiz and we’ll tell you!

Do you usually let people do whatever they want?

When it comes to getting things done, is your way the best way?

If someone is working for you or reporting to you, do you need to be friends with them?

When you're working on something in a group, do you naturally gravitate toward the leadership role?

Consider you are in a leadership role, do you need the people under you to check in with their progress?

Do you believe in witchcraft?

Is the original Sabrina or the new, darker Sabrina more your witch style?

Who from the below choices would you want in your coven the most?

Did you ever participate in student government when you were in school?

If you were to enter into the real government, which position do you think would be the best for you?

What kind of person are you in your friend group?

What are you typically doing on a weekend night?

How do you deal with conflict in your personal life?

Do you like partaking in normal social events like birthday parties and cookouts?

How would you show appreciation for someone who helped you out?

If you had an important message to deliver to someone, how would you do it?

What can people always rely on you to do?

What's your biggest nightmare?

If you came across a known mythical creature during a hike, how would you react?

Let's say you work in a big office and everyone is going in on a gift for the boss. How much are you putting in?

Is there an activity that's made better when done with a group?

Which notorious witch would you want to be in a coven with?

If you were a witch, would you have survived the Salem Witch trials?

What personality trait prevents you from reaching your full potential?

Are you an aggressive person when it comes to things you're really passionate about?

Do you always have to be the one with the last word in conversations?

You're ready for a night out! What kind of place are you going to?

Are you a stickler for being on time?

What magical spell would be used the most in your coven?

What do you expect to get out of your coven?

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