What Would Your Name Be if You'd Been Born in France?

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The language of France is one of the most beautiful that you'll ever hear. Not only that, but the people are super friendly and the country is simply breathtaking. While not everyone is lucky enough to be born into the country of their choosing, no one ever said it was a crime to pretend. So, let us pretend with you. Let's pretend that you're French. But before we start acting, you need a name, and we can help out with that too. 

We're going to ask you some questions that'll help us determine what your French name should be. First, we're gonna test your taste on all things French and see if you know more than 'bonjour.' Then we're going to go deeper and ask you about yourself because no one knows you better than you do. By the end of our questions, we'll have the perfect name for you, so much so that you may even want to get it changed legally or put it as your Instagram name, at the very least. 

So, if you want to find out what that special name is, go ahead and start this fun French-themed quiz (that isn't actually French).  Nous savons que vous l'apprécierez!

Have you ever been to France?

Which part of France are you most drawn to?

What Parisian feature are you most excited to see?

Which French territory would you love to visit?

Approximately how many words can you say in French?

How would you greet your friends in French?

What does "je t'aime" mean?

What do you think of French people?

What do you think about their love of cycling?

Which French breakfast food would you eat every morning?

And what would you have for dinner?

France is famous for its wine. Which kind is the best-tasting?

Which French food, that's not really French, do you love?

Which classic French accessory would you wear all the time?

And which French designer's fashion would you spend your money on?

Which of these sports do you love watching, just like your French counterparts?

Which French habit would be easiest for you to adopt?

Do you kiss people as a greeting?

Which nationality would get on your nerves if you were French?

And which holiday would you look forward to the most?

Who's your favorite French celebrity?

What's the most amazing thing created by the French?

What's the best thing about the French?

Which word best describes you?

Which age group do you fall into?

What's your natural hair color?

What colors make up most of your wardrobe?

What kind of shoes do you love wearing?

Are you a smoker?

What are you like in a relationship?

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