Quiz: What Would Your Medieval Castle Job Be?
What Would Your Medieval Castle Job Be?
By: Zoe Samuel
Image: DianaHirsch / E+ / Getty Images

About This Quiz

A medieval castle was like a giant machine, and it needed a lot of people to act as the parts in that machine and keep it all going. After all, merely keeping the place clean (by medieval standards) and feeding everyone within its walls was a Herculean task. Keeping it running meant ensuring a clean supply of potable water; fodder for all the horses, chickens, sheep, goats, and more; fixing an endless loop of damaged weapons, tools, and armor, as well as making new ones; maintaining a library; entertaining in fine style, especially when the King or any superior lord came visiting; and of course, defending the castle itself and the local people from attack. This might mean providing for the peasants in the winter or taking them inside the walls if enemies came.

All in all, a castle wasn't just a fancy house for a lord and lady to live in. It was basically like running a business with several hundred employees. There were cooks, blacksmiths, soldiers, sentries, knights, jesters, scribes, healers, stable hands, and more, coordinated by seneschals or junior nobility managing large teams of people. Above all of them were the lord or lady of the manor themselves.

Where would you fit into the mix? Take this quiz to find out!

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Are you good at writing with a quill?

7 of 30
What outfit do you look best in?

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Do you consider yourself an artisan?

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How many years do you want to study for your job?

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Will you leave the castle in the course of your ordinary day?

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Where in the castle would you like to sleep?

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Do you like to mingle with people from all social classes?

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Do you mind risking serious injury in the course of your work?

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Do you want to eat at the lord's table?

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