What Would Your Job Be in the Roman Empire?

Mark Lichtenstein

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About This Quiz

The Roman Empire was a fun time. Despite the many, many wars, it was a time of revelry, excess and lots of fun. But even the best partiers in human history had to work and get paid, so they could spend most of it on their partying habits. Do you know what you'd be doing for money during that time? If you want to find out, take this quiz!

Would you be a politician? Back in those days, politicians were a dime a dozen, or at least everyone wanted to be one because of the benefits. Would you have been an actor? Would you have been renowned across the empire for your heartwrenching performances? Or would you have been an augur? Would your job have been to make predictions of the things that were to come? Could you have foretold that you would have taken this quiz in the future? Or would your fate have been to become a doctor? Would you have been the one responsible for healing the empire's sick and needy? 

If you want to find out what your role would have been, take this quiz! Would you have been the one causing pain, healing it, predicting it or hiding it? Let's find out! 

Do you love to help people?

Are you good at going along to get along?

How important is money?

Do you want to travel for work?

Are you okay with going to the dangerous outskirts of the Empire?

Would you be upset when the Roman democracy was replaced by an emperor?

Would you live in Rome, or some other seat of Roman power like Egypt or Constantinople?

Would you want to be famous?

How important is career stability?

What kind of education did you want to have?

Do you have a sense of humor?

How eloquent are you?

Would you do a few years in the military in service of your ultimate career goal?

Would you go to the Colosseum often to see the games?

Would you court controversy?

Would you spend much time in the forum?

Which god would you sacrifice to the most?

Would you go to the temple much?

Do you believe in astrology?

Do you mind getting your hands dirty?

How is your penmanship (with a chisel)?

Which part of Roman society would you like to hang around with?

Would you like to live to a ripe old age?

Would you be okay with stabbing a friend in the back?

Would you want to be remembered forever?

Would you be secretly hoping for the fall of Rome?

Would you aim to please the crowd?

What would you wear to work?

What would you carry to work?

What animal would you own?

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