What Would Your Job Be in the Fallout Universe?

Ian Fortey

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In the year 2161, things are not looking good according to the first Fallout game. The world has barely survived an apocalypse, there are scorpions the size of golf carts, mutants run rampant and where the heck did Deathclaws come from? The world is not the one you knew, and it's not really getting any better. In the Fallout universe, you have to make the best of things when things are not the best at all. 

Throughout a bunch of sequels, we've come to know the world of Fallout inside out. It's a harsh world, a weird world, but it can still be a fun world. You just need to know how to make a living. You don't want to scrounge around for scraps like a ghoul, do you? Heck no! You need a real job in a world where employment is not really one of the biggest concerns people have. So what does your skillset lend itself to? What's the best job for a person like you in a world that's mostly fallen apart and can kill you about 100 different ways before breakfast? Why not take the quiz and find out for yourself!

So how would you survive the apocalypse in the first place?

Would you rather take on a Deathclaw or a Super Mutant?

Do you like dogs?

There's a lot to cover in the Fallout universe. What's the best game?

Deathclaws are mutated chameleons, but there are a few weird kinds of them. Which is the most terrifying?

Even though the world ended, there are still a lot of cities. Which one was best to hang out in?

Sometimes Fallout can scare the heck out of you. What's the creepiest creature of the wasteland?

It's not just mutated animals you need to worry about in Fallout, it's the robots. Which one do you hate the most?

When you have to get up close and personal, you need a melee weapon. What's your #1 choice?

Food in the Fallout universe is hardly gourmet. What are you willing to try?

You need to stay hydrated in the wasteland! What do you want to drink?

Which stat are you leaning on most heavily when you build a character in Fallout?

The perks in Fallout can really change your gameplay. What's your must-have perk?

What was the first Fallout game you ever played?

Do you go out of your way to hunt down raiders?

Energy weapons do some serious damage. What's your go-to tool of destruction?

"Fallout 4" gave you legendary weapons. What was the best one?

Everyone needs a friend. Who's the best companion in Fallout?

Fallout is known for being a pretty funny series of games. Who's the funniest character?

Do you ever give things to people begging in Fallout?

Do you prefer to solve problems by talking or with violence?

Would you rather go through life as a super mutant or a ghoul?

There are endless bad guys in Fallout, but only a few true villains. Who's your favorite big bad?

Who do you think is the most memorable character in the entire Fallout series?

Are you a fan of side quests or do you stick to the main story as long as you can?

Google is your friend when it comes to Fallout. Have you ever looked up gameplay videos or hints on how to find stuff?

Fallout or Red Dead Redemption?

Some people seriously hated "Fallout 76." What about you?

Which faction is the one you'd most want to be a part of in the post-apocalyptic future?

Rumors of a Fallout movie have been circling for years. If they ever make one, are you going to see it?

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