Quiz: What Would Your Cowgirl Name Be?
What Would Your Cowgirl Name Be?
By: Zoe Samuel
Image: FluxFactory/E+/Getty Images

About This Quiz

The cowgirl lifestyle takes a number of forms, but those forms all have certain things in common, of course. Cowgirls love the open air. They know how to defend their honor and their family home. They can ride a horse, and they've never met a dog they didn't want to befriend. They may not always be on current speaking terms with all their neighbors, but they know them and show up for community events. They're self-sufficient, sassy and independent.

Still, there are some differences. After all, not all cowgirls are out there every day roping steers and herding cattle. They are also found in dive bars winning money at the dartboard and the pool table and fending off obnoxious guys. They're in schools and community centers helping serve their home town. They're in the studio recording music that speaks to their experiences. They're struggling with poverty and making it big, staying home and dreaming of the wide world out there and raising their kids and making a living. There are plenty of ways to live an authentic cowgirl life—so tell us a little about how you make the cowgirl lifestyle work for you, and we'll help you figure out your cowgirl name! It's time to get started!

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What sort of vehicle do you drive?

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What state suits you best?

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What sort of event are you most likely to appear at?

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Do you hang with the buckle bunnies or the rodeo riders?

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Where do you do most of your singing?

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Who is scared of you?

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What sort of house did you grow up in?

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Have you ever committed a crime and gotten away with it?

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How many children do you have or want to have?

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What kind of saddle do you put on your horse?

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