What Would Your Biblical Name Be?

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In the 21st century, there are children with biblical names, but there are also many, many children named for things in dead languages, favorite cities, and even kitchen appliances.  The meaning of a name has been diluted because anyone can be named after anything.  Often the name of a person says more about their parents than it does about them. In biblical times, names were holy: a biblical name usually translates into a phrase in Hebrew and Aramaic. These phrases could mean something as straightforward as Michael (Who is like God) or as obscure as Zohar (which is a book of mysticism and also translates to "Brilliant").

A name is just a sound used to identify one specific person, but a biblical name is about an outlook on God, the purpose of mankind, and one's individual destiny. Some names are preordained for specific biblical figures yet to be revealed, and others are repeatedly used, signaling the continuity of humanity in God's creation.

So take stock of your life and prepare yourself for an onslaught of questions. You may possess a biblical name already, but it may not be your "true" biblical name. We will determine what your biblical name should be so that you can see your way to your destiny.

How religious are you?

Did you grow up in a religious home?

How self-reliant are you?

How do you imagine God?

Which edition of the bible is your favorite?

What biblical places have you visited?

How familiar are you with the Apocrypha?

Are you interested in other sects of your religion?

How much do you wrestle with moral questions at work?

Do you tithe?

How often do you pray?

What sort of charity do you do?

How modest is your appearance?

Do you make a show of how religious you are?

Why do you think people should be good and moral?

How important is it that your friends share your level of religiosity?

How well do you know your bible stories?

Do you feel as though you have a personal relationship with God?

How ecumenical are you?

Do you think, on balance, scripture is good or bad?

Are you prepared to lay it all on the line for your faith?

Do you have another philosophy that guides you, besides that of your faith?

In your estimation, which profession should the religious aspire to enter?

What is closest to your job?

How would your friends describe you to others?

What is your biggest life hope?

Is it important to you that your children follow in your spiritual footsteps?

How friendly are you to strangers?

How loyal are you to friends?

How often do you sin?

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