What Very Southern Belle Name Matches Your Personality?

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The term Southern belle refers to a class of American women who belong to the south's upper class. If you've ever read "Gone with the Wind," then you know exactly what a Southern belle is. They originated during the Antebellum period and were based on unmarried young women who were part of plantation-owning families in a high socioeconomic class. There are very specific characteristics of a traditional Southern belle.

A lot of the identifiers were based on what the ladies were wearing. Big hoop skirts, corsets, pantalettes, wide-brimmed hats and gloves were all signs of a Southern belle. They were also usually found with little umbrellas called parasols, so their skin did not tan, as that was a sign of the working class. Southern belles had a lot of expectations placed on them, essentially from birth. They were to marry respectable men, sometimes at ages as young as 14. Once married, becoming a beacon of family and a society lady was the next goal, as well as bearing children. 

The South has a certain type of personality, and there are names that are popular in the South that you won't really hear outside of that region. So what Southern belle name matches your personality? Take this quiz to find out!

Of the things below, which one speaks to you the most?

Do you think that names can determine someone's personality?

Would you get any kind of piercing?

What furry animal has always been your favorite?

How do you behave when you are at a formal function?

Do you actually like your name?

What would you name you first born son?

Growing up, were there a lot of other people with your name?

Do you have any thoughts about what you were like in a past life?

If you were to get a tattoo, what would you get and where?

In your dream wedding, what kind of dress are you donning?

Are you a hat person?

Do you have a favorite food that you only eat for a certain holiday?

Is there a quality you have that is considered "bad" in your society?

In relationships, are you passive aggressive or upfront and outspoken?

What can you never leave home without?

Do you pay attention to things happening in pop-culture?

What activity do you partake in most often?

Are you the kind of person who takes charge in situations that call for it?

Do you get excited easily, or are you more difficult to please?

Should names be passed down from other family members?

What is a key trait you look for in a possible life partner?

Were you considered popular growing up, or more of a loner?

Are you the adventurist type?

Do you try to see the best in everyone, or do you see people for what's on the surface?

When thinking of names for your child, what goes into that decision?

What name from the past do you want to bring back into circulation?

Are you a rule follower or more of a rebel?

Do you have a deep, dark fear that doesn't really make sense?

If you had all the answers to life right now, would you be happy?

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