What Vampire Slaying Weapon Should You Wield?

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Vampire infestation is no laughing matter. You’re minding your own business, raising a family (possibly), going to work, coming to a beautiful home, and living the dream. It starts out small: rumors about the shady drifter in town goes missing. Or perhaps a new neighbor arrives and they’re never seen during the day. Soon others go missing, but most of them are vagrants or runaways, people that no one keeps track of. The straw that breaks the camel’s back? When a prominent member of your community (or worse, a child of a prominent member of the town) gets killed. Then there are more than a few eyebrows raised.  

Once a community has realized that there is a single vampire in its midst, it is usually too late. If a vampire is getting messy with their kills, that generally means they’ve become complacent in their environment and they’re not going to leave without a fight. Because they are pretty tough creatures, there are many ways you can eradicate your community of vampires. You could use balloons filled with holy water: this is a great way of killing them without getting too close. You could go with a traditional route and use a stake through the heart: this is an ideal setup for those who don’t want to mess around and wait for results. Finally, you could make a party out of it by rallying all your closest friends and family to go off and slay the beast.  

These are all wonderful options, but which one is best for you? Take the quiz and find out.

What size community do you live in?

When did you start to train in the art of vampire slaying?

What kind of home do you live in?

Do you cook with a lot of garlic?

Do you have a large drifter population in your town?

Has the number of disappearances in your town increased considerably?

When you found out that a vampire was in town, how did you react?

How many vampires have you hunted?

Do you hunt vampires alone or with a group?

How portable do you want your weapon to be?

How easy to use do you want your weapon to be?

How accurate do you want your weapon to be?

Are you going to be fighting in close range?

Would it be easy to pass through airport checkpoints with your weapon?

Why would you hunt this vampire?

What kind of training do you do to practice using your weapon?

Vampires can be pretty messy creatures. What is the worst thing you think you can handle seeing while entering their lair?

Sometimes, vampires will kidnap someone to get the attention of the public. Which of your relatives would a vampire have to kidnap to get your attention?

How many different styles of your weapon are there?

While fighting the vampire, it tries to cut a deal with you. What do you do?

Do you want your weapon to have many charges or do you want it to have one shot?

How long will it take to get your weapon ready to use?

How do you plan on luring the vampire to the fight?

What medieval weapon do you think you'd rock at wielding?

If your vampire has ghouls, what do you do to them?

Before entering the fight, what do you do to get ready?

Where in town is your vampire's lair?

Would you say that you're religious?

Sometimes vampires will use mind tricks to try to fool their opponent into submission. Which of these visions would make you give up the fight?

You've just won against the bloodsucker! Do you take a trophy?

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