What Unusual Superpower Should You Have?

Isadora Teich

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About This Quiz

There are a lot of ways to be super, but of course, everyone wants the one that's the coolest or gives them the most fantastic and unique abilities. While most people say that they would like to fly, or be invisible, or read minds when asked about their ideal superpower, many people would like something a little more outside of the box. After all, if everyone can read minds, is it really that super special? If you want to know what totally off the wall and interesting superpower should be yours, this quiz is for you. 

Whether it's physical, mental, pragmatic or just totally insane, there is a lot more out there when it comes to superpowers. If you are a more eccentric person who likes to stand apart from the crowd, try out one of these wacky and unique superpowers on for size. Are you meant to dazzle and delight others? Or is your ideal superpower one that might vastly improve your life, but that no one might ever notice? Is your power good, or can it easily help you become the villain of your dreams?

Find out which unique superpower you should have with this quiz!

Do you believe in ghosts?

If two of your friends are having a fight, what is your part in it?

What kind of movies do you like best?

How dark are your interests?

Of these topics, which interests you most?

Which modern music star of these do you like best?

What would you want your odd super power to enable you to do?

Which dangerous pet would you rather have?

Which word do you think describes you best?

Do you think you could ever be a super villain?

Is it important to you that your super power makes a big scene and gets noticed?

Do you ever remember your dreams?

Do you like to mess with people?

What do you think makes a person most powerful?

Do you think you would ever be a superhero?

What is your opinion of the occult?

Would you ever want to travel to space?

Which of these words come closest to ways that other people have described you?

Why do you value money?

Of these old school rockstars, which would you rather have been back in the day?

Which color would you rather wear to a fancier event?

On a Friday night, what would you rather do?

Which holiday would you most like to celebrate?

What kind of art do you like best?

Is shopping an enjoyable activity for you?

Which social media site do you like least?

Do you like to be the center of attention?

Which of these do you value most in yourself?

If you could be any of these, which would you rather be?

Of these controversial foods, which do you actually like the most?

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