What Type of Tree Are You?

Steven Miller

Image: Collage; Palm Tree, Pine Tree, Joshua Tree

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Trees and human beings exist in a symbiotic relationship. We breathe in oxygen from the trees, and they convert our carbon dioxide into energy. Our ancestors recognized this interdependence and revered trees in their spiritual practices. So, with a tip of the hat to our arboreal friends, the question at hand is what kind of a tree are you?

What climate are you most drawn to?

Which attitude best describes how you deal with difficult circumstances?

Which is your favorite season?

Which word below describes you best?

Do you do best planted among others or do you thrive more on your own?

Which US vacation spot sounds more appealing to you?

A big storm is moving in, which phrase best describes your reaction?

What major weather event would be the most common in your ideal location?

Which pastime best fits you?

When sowing the seeds of a decision, do you rely more on your logic or your gut?

What international destination is most appealing to you?

You just found out that you've been fired from your job, how do you react?

What is your favorite U.S. holiday?

Which fortune cookie message would you rather receive?

You're creating a work of art, which of the following best describes your piece?

Which country would you rather visit?

A forest fire is raging a few towns over. It's not yet clear if it will spread your way. How do you react?

What would be the most unusual weather event in your ideal location?

You are in an art gallery, which of the following images speaks to you most strongly?

Which kind of food is most appealing to you?

What sporting activity is more appealing to you?

Your long-term partner wants to end your relationship, how do you react?

What do you think is the best age to be in life? In other words, how many rings of growth would there ideally be on your tree?

What description would your friends most likely attach to you?

Which kind of party would you rather attend?

Which major sporting event would you rather attend?

You just accomplished a major goal in your life, how do you celebrate?

What is your favorite stage of an intimate relationship?

Which story plot summary is more interesting to you?

If you were an Ent (a tree with the ability to walk around from "Lord of the Rings"), what would be the environmental cause you would fight for?

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