Quiz: What Type of Person Are You Most Likely Going to Date?
What Type of Person Are You Most Likely Going to Date?
By: Kennita Leon
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About This Quiz

Finding a date can be really hard and emotionally trying, but we have great news for you!  It doesn't have to be! So what's holding you back from finding your numero uno? Believe it or not, it has nothing to do with your looks, your money, your age, your education, your politics or any of the other things you likely think contribute to your solo status.

The biggest impediment to finding a date is simply having no idea who you want to spend your time with! It's easy to think that you should like a certain "type" because that's all you see on TV, or it's all your friends talk about. But it's really important to think about what matters most to you (and only you) when looking for a partner. Perhaps you really have a thing for potential partners that are the same height, because you love easily gazing into their eyes.  Maybe you need someone with the same board game obsession that you have, but didn't think anyone would be interested in your hobby. 

Just embrace the things you want in a partner, and don't worry about the optics. Take this quiz as a first step to finding out what kind of person you're supposed to date!

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Where do you usually meet your dates?

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What are you like in a relationship?

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What would your typical Friday night with your partner look like?

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What movie genre would you want your partner to watch with you?

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What's your idea of the perfect day-date?

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You're going on a dinner date, so what do you order to eat?

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If your date could bring you anywhere in the world, where would it be?

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Which physical feature do you find the most attractive in others?

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What hair length do you prefer?

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You're attracted to people who wear what kind of clothes?

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What personality trait do you need in a partner?

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Which trait is a complete turn off?

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What's the best thing you could be given for Valentine's day?

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Which Disney couple would you want your love story to be like?

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What is the key to making a relationship last?

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Would you say that you're a serial dater?

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How many relationships have you been in during your entire adult life?

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Where do you go for a good time with your friends?

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What kind of drink are you most likely to order at a bar?

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What would you say your spirit animal is?

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What do you usually do to relax?

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What's your dream house?

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What kind of music do you enjoy listening to the most?

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What would you say your best quality is?

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