What Type of Partner Are You in Bed?

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Tolstoy once said that there are as many kinds of loves as there are hearts and you could extrapolate that to include lovers as well. The type of partner you are in bed is probably very different from the person you're seeing now, or the last person you were with, or the next person you'll be with. Some of these styles are very similar, of course, and some work exceptionally well together. Others maybe not so much. It's like anything else in life that involves two people working together. You either find a natural rhythm and work well together or your styles clash and you realize something needs to be done if you want things to work out. And maybe you do work it out! Or maybe you don't.

Whatever the case, you have a style all your own, that much is certain. If you've never really been sure what that is then you're in luck. Just tell us a bit about your relationships and experiences and we can break it down for you lickety-split. After all, you need to know yourself before you can really know anyone else, don't you think. So pull back the sheets, fluff that pillow and take our quiz

How long do you feel like you need to know someone before sex is an option?

Have you ever had a single 24-hour period of time in which you had sex with more than one person at different times of the day?

What's your stand when it comes to one-night stands?

Who usually initiates sex, you or your partner?

Would you ever suggest trying something you saw in a dirty movie?

Number scales are arbitrary but who cares? How would you rate your bedroom skills from 1 to 10?

Do you ever get bored during sex?

Adult movies give you a super unrealistic portrayal of how sex works. That said, have you ever tried it standing up against the wall?

Speaking of movies, would you ever make one with your partner?

Do you ever send your partner dirty text messages when you're away from them during the day?

If you're out at dinner, would you ever point out someone to your partner you know they'd find sexually attractive?

When you're all wrapped up in the heat of the moment, do you ever engage in some dirty talk?

How confident are you about the way you look when you're naked?

Can a sexual encounter still be satisfying even if you don't finish?

What do you think about sex in a pool or a hot tub?

How far have you gone in the out of doors?

If you and your partner were spending the night at a friend's house, would you still be willing to have sex?

Any thoughts on the Mile High Club?

How well would you say you know the backseat of your car?

Have you ever gone online, on cam, and gotten undressed for someone?

Do you and your partner ever watch dirty movies together?

Do you think there's a chance you'd ever suggest a threesome to your partner?

Would you ever consider using handcuffs or restraints of some kind?

Would you ever consider using something like whipped cream or chocolate sauce in the bedroom?

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder. Ever tried phone sex?

This happens to the best of us. How often do you laugh during sex?

What makes sex bad?

Have you ever read a blog or a magazine to get sex tips and then tried them in real life?

Do your friends ever ask you for advice about their love lives?

Are you happy with your sex life?

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