Quiz: What Type of Guy Is Most Attracted to You?
What Type of Guy Is Most Attracted to You?
By: Khadija Leon
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About This Quiz

When it comes to relationships, looking for a partner, or just being interested in someone, everyone has a type. Whether you go after the tall, dark and handsome type, the strong and silent type, or the closet nerd, there is always a specific group of guys who catch one's attention.

While everyone has their preferences, have you ever wondered if there was a specific type that just seems to keep reappearing in your life? Does it seem like deja vu when you begin to date someone? Have you ever sit back and thought about what all of your exes had in common? Is it you who are attracted to them or are you a magnet to a specific type?

Do the bad boys find you most appealing? Or will it be the momma's boys who keep coming back for more? Will it be the funny guys who know how to make you laugh or will it be the smart guys who know keep your mind stimulated? Now that you have an idea, do you know which type of guys finds you irresistible? If you don't know and you would like to find out, take this quiz, and it will tell you!

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Which of these words have you been called most?

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What do you think is your best feature?

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What is the first thing that you notice about a guy?

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Do you believe in love at first sight?

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When talking to a guy that you are interested in, you are…

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Where would you like to be taken on a date?

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If you could travel to one of these locations for a date, where would it be?

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How would you describe yourself?

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Which of these is your spirit animal?

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Which of these things do you enjoy doing?

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Which of these magazines do you read?

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What kind of food do you eat most?

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Which of these beach activities sounds like fun?

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What is your favorite movie genre?

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How do you like to communicate with people?

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What is your favorite time of year?

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