Quiz: What Type of Guy Do You NOT Attract?
What Type of Guy Do You NOT Attract?
By: Zoe Samuel
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About This Quiz

Who we attract and who we want are not always the same thing - and who would actually be good for us may be another category entirely. Attraction is a fickle thing, being an alchemy of personality, circumstances, social pressures, timing, health and all sorts of other factors. Some people are good at knowing what they want and simply going for it. Others take time to warm up and second-guess themselves constantly. 

If you're constantly finding yourself dating terrible people, it doesn't mean you are one (though it may, it absolutely doesn't always). It might also mean that you lack boundaries and put out signals that narcissists or manipulators can sense from a mile away. Similarly, if you only ever attract doormats, it might mean you're controlling, or it might mean you had a bad experience with someone who crossed the line from assertive into bullying, and you're leaning hard the other way. If you have a very domineering or neglectful father figure, you might seek the same type - or the absolute opposite.

Knowing what kind of person you're drawing in is key to adjusting your signals to attract the kind of guy you actually want, who will ALSO be good for you. That said, remember, no matter what: it is never your fault if someone mistreats you. That's on them. However, within the range of guys who aren't straight-up creeps, there's a lot of variety. Hopefully this quiz can help you nail down the particular kind of not-terrible guy who will match you!

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How soon after a date do you expect him to call?

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Do you set clear expectations?

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How ambitious are you?

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What's your education level?

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Do you have your crap together, generally speaking?

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Can you spot a bad guy a mile away?

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What kind of disagreement do you typically have most?

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Can you be a bit dominating without realizing it?

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Do you actually want to be married right now?

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Are you ready for the next chapter of your life?

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