What Type of Girl Do You Repel?

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Guys, listen up! There comes a time in every man's life when he must question himself and ask: what type of girl just does not go for me? Well, for those of you who are still stumped, we're here to help you out. So, if you're curious, and we know you are, let's get started with this quiz. 

Are you the guy who repels Airheads? Yes, that's actually a great thing, and most guys would love it if that were the case, but is that you? Or are you repelling the Intellectuals? You know, the girls who are smart enough to not fall for some good looks and charming words. What about the Cynics? These girls will doubt everything you say and still not trust your word even if you prove them wrong (this is a plus if you repel them - unless you like a challenge). Or are you committing the biggest crime of them all by repelling the Keepers?

And don't be sad if you go a result you don't like. Just go for the girls that actually like you. You can find that out on another quiz of ours *wink. But for now, let's stay focused and find out which babes you're a total bum to. 

Did you finish high school?

Would you say that you have a good job?

What field is this job in?

Are you happy with your salary?

Who do you live with?

Who pays the rent or mortgage?

How clean are you?

How much laundry do you need to do?

What's in your fridge at the moment?

Do you work out a lot?

How would you describe your build?

If you had to describe your sense of style in one word, what would it be?

What kind of shoe makes up the most of your closet?

A watch from which of the following brands do you own?

If you were to be in debt, what would be the reason why?

What do you enjoy doing?

What are your plans usually like on a Friday?

And what about Sundays?

If you were at the beach, what would you be doing?

As far as television goes, what kind of show do you usually watch?

What movie genre is your favorite?

How many dates have you been on since your last break up?

How do you find people to date?

What's the most important thing you look for in a woman?

Which word best describes your dream woman?

What's the most important thing to you?

How long was your last relationship?

Why did it end?

Are you marriage material?

Do you honestly believe in true love?

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