What % Tony Soprano Are You?

Raj Chander

Image: HBO

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Mafia culture has lots of well-known personalities. Michael Corleone balanced a cold, ruthless loyalty to the family with his desire to get out of the business. The Irish-Italian Henry Hill went from dreaming of life as a "made man" to living out his last days in witness protection. 

But there has never been a mobster quite like Tony Soprano.

In the late 90s and early 2000s, "The Sopranos" dominated cable TV airwaves, drawing in millions of viewers every Sunday. To this day, it remains one of HBO's most successful programs. Much of this success stemmed from the show's deplorable yet lovable anti-hero, mob boss Anthony Soprano. 

We watched a brutal enforcer executing his victims as they begged for their lives, yet form a nurturing bond with animals like ducks and horses. We saw him declare his love for his wife and family, then sleep with the next pretty face that came into his life. As hypocritical and brutal as his behavior may have been, at the end of the day, you couldn't help but root for him to work out the issues in his two families: His "waste management" associates and his wife and kids at home. The fun part was seeing which one was more dysfunctional from week to week.

While his temper and violent nature made him plenty of enemies, his protective, nurturing side was appreciated by his loved ones. Ever thought about how alike you and Tony Soprano are? If you've ever wondered if you could be a mob boss -- or even just the boss of your family -- these questions will provide answers!

How do you feel about animals?

What’s your take on children?

How close are your professional associates to you?

What do you think of psychotherapy?

What is your ideal spouse like?

How important is monogamy in a relationship?

How short is your temper?

What kind of work are you best at?

How would your colleagues describe you?

Which of these mental disorders is most likely to affect you?

What’s your ideal dinner?

Which of these places is best for relaxation?

Which is your ideal type of car?

What do you think about recreational drugs?

How would you describe your father during your childhood?

How important is family?

How important is honor/code?

What is your attitude about addiction?

What does sex mean to you?

What’s the most attractive thing about the opposite sex?

What’s your attitude about homosexuality?

How do you handle your loved ones’ failures?

How important is masculinity?

How proud are you of your ethnic heritage?

How is your relationship with your mother?

How is your relationship with your uncle?

What do you think about college education?

How do you move up professionally?

Who would you prefer your child to date?

How do you teach your kids?

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