What Timeless Beauty Style Is Right for You?

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When you think of timeless beauty styles, maybe you think of Cindy Crawford's mole or the Peter Pan collared shirts of Audrey Hepburn. Maybe classic California style is more for you, and you love the look of casual jean shorts with a loose T-shirt. Some of these styles have stood the test of time, while other trends have come and gone multiple times. 

What is it about some styles that gives them such lasting power? It could be that they flatter and appeal to a wide range of people. Maybe it's the fact that the colors are universally flattering and can be pulled off by pretty much anyone.

Style is such a personal thing, but you might think nothing would be able to last forever, given all of the different fads in body types and clothing lines. And yet, there are some styles that probably will be around forever. 

Which one fashion item do you think fits you the best? There are pretty simple ways to tell – other parts of your outward style, to name one way, along with the overall way you live your life. 

Want to know which timeless beauty style is right for you? Answer these questions and we'll guess! 

Imagine you're on a TV show where they overhaul your style and give you $500 to go shopping. What are you spending most of it on?

How do you react to people who tell you that you need to revamp your style?

Do you prefer to stand out in a crowd or blend in?

Would your friends describe your style the same way you would?

What would you wear to a fancy party?

What fashion and beauty trend do you wish didn't exist in history?

What does an everyday outfit look like for you?

When you shop for yourself, do you do it online or go to actual stores?

When it gets a little colder, what kind of coat are you rocking?

In your closet, which colors appear the most?

Do you have a favorite designer?

Overall, what style is the decor in your home?

How long will you use something like a purse before getting a new one?

Do you dress for comfort or fashion?

Is your style more conducive to being indoors or outdoors?

Will you spend a little bit more money for something that is higher quality and will last longer?

What's the number one staple item everyone should have in their closet?

Is your clothing style easy to shop for?

How do you organize your wardrobe?

What's the most unique thing about your style?

If an occasion calls for picnic wear, what are you wearing?

Do you like your clothes to be form fitting or more on the loose side?

During sweater weather, what kind of sweater can you be found in?

Is there a current trend that you wish would continue on forever?

Which classic beauty do you admire the most?

What do you do with clothes that you don't want or don't fit you anymore?

Who is currently your biggest style inspiration?

In a perfect world, what would your outfits say about you?

Which TV show would you want to steal the clothes from?

Can your current style be summed up in one word?

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