What Tattoo Speaks to Your Soul?

Zoe Samuel

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Tattooing, as we think about it today, is a fairly modern practice, going back only a few centuries. The process involves putting ink into the skin, just deep enough that it remains where it is, but not so deep that it is invisible. Tattoos are interesting because unlike most modifications one might make to one's skin, they remain there forever because of their placement in the dermis, and how the human body reacts to ink.

The act of marking skin independent of the tattoo goes back thousands of years. This was mostly used to mark slaves or prisoners in the ancient world, and sometimes it was to commemorate the loss of a loved one. These markings were different from tattoos in that they did not use ink, but were either just scars, brands or cuts colored with ash. Either way, some of the ideas were the same. Even today, tattoos commemorate loved ones, major events and allegiances.

Modern tattoos can be so much more. Modern tattooing encompasses more technologies than before, and modern tattoos are influenced by art, science, and religions in ways they never were before. With so many tattoos out there, there is a mark that will appeal to the soul of just about every person. Take this quiz, and we will tease out which tattoo speaks to your soul!

Which of these sights inspires awe in you?

What style of art do you like the most?

How do you view life's difficulties?

How would you finish the sentence "I feel technology is ___________."?

When you feel you're in trouble, what do you look for?

Who is your closest confidant?

How often do you attend religious services?

In general, how do you feel about change?

If you could make one upgrade to your house, what would it be?

When you drive, to which stimulus do you respond most strongly?

Which of these languages would you be most interested in learning as a second language?

What are your dreams usually about?

With the protagonists of which TV show do you most strongly identify?

How do you strive to better yourself?

How are your values reflected in your diet?

How would you respond to rudeness from your boss?

If you could spend your life in any pursuit, what would it be?

What do you avoid the most when you're trying to relax?

What do you and your friends usually do when you get together?

What was the thing you most wanted to do when you were growing up that your parents wouldn't let you do?

What would you like the most as a decoration in your office?

How do you see conflicts with strangers?

If you were to get a tattoo, where would you want it?

Which of the following figures most prominently in your sense of identity?

How likely are you to actually get a tattoo?

What place puts you into the most spiritual mindset?

Where would you most want to live, given the opportunity?

How do you feel about authority?

Which of these materials appeals to you the most?

To which of these books do you feel the strongest spiritual connection?

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