What State Should You Go to College In?

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Choosing the right college is an exciting time, and we're here to help you nail down some of the specifics that'll make your choice as easy as possible. Take this college personality test to determine the state you should set your sights on. Consider this an opportunity for honesty. Lay bare your U.S. state likes and dislikes at once with us!

Making the correct choice for college needn't be a daunting task at all. First, selecting the perfect state takes care of most of the guesswork. Your compatible state should embody your core principals, be they liberal, conservative or otherwise. Figure out what's most important to you before you bury your head in the books for four years, or not! Right? 

Party schools serve a serious role in this country. Without them, "Animal House" and "Revenge of the Nerds" flicks would never have happened. And that's reason enough.

Perhaps your primary concern is the job market in your chosen state? Your preferred major should shift your focus in that right direction. Hint: Boston, New York and San Francisco are hotbeds for a growing number of industries. Our quiz inspires you to consider both pre- and post-college concerns.

Get serious about matters, but still have fun sorting this state and college thing out. Start the quiz now!

Have you determined which region of the United States you like best?

In terms of climate, could you tolerate cold winters on campus?

Are you a fan of the trendy bar scene, or do you prefer more traditional watering holes?

While taking on your college course load, do you intend to balance hard work with a fulfilling religious lifestyle?

Do big cities inspire you to succeed, or does the countryside stimulate in you a passion to prosper?

How does dancing your school stress away in a cool nightclub sound to you?

Do you plan to enroll in a public or a private college?

Is off-campus housing an option for you, or do you want to stick with on-campus accommodations?

Do you follow any college or professional sports programs?

How important is having a part-time off-campus job?

What is your favorite brain food?

Do you plan on bringing a car to campus?

Does a small and cozy class size sound good, or do you intend to dive into a massive student body?

Have you thought about living among an educated citizenry?

Is staying in-state after you graduate a possibility for you?

As a college freshman, do you plan to travel and explore your off-campus surroundings often?

Are you one of many "mall rats" in your current village?

Accumulating first-year community college credits before transferring to a major university may increase your chance of acceptance at an eminent institution. Does this pique your interest?

Whenever you choose to roam with the town locals, do you expect to see diverse hubs, like Chinatown, Little Tokyo or Little Italy?

Do you party hard or hardly socialize at all?

Are you destined to achieve worldwide fame after you graduate?

Famous or not, will you be counted among the few who earn millions of dollars?

Is "president of the United States" a career goal for you?

Do you plan to literally live betwixt the library stacks when on campus?

Does peer competition inspire excellence in you at school?

Is graduate or professional school a "no" or a "go" after you ace your four-year degree?

Do you see yourself experiencing Greek life when in college?

Visit any random college campus rain or shine, and you will find some manner of outdoor activity going on. Do you pass on outdoor pastimes or accept the challenge?

College life may rouse a false sense of security. How safe must your environs be?

What type of college tuition bill can you carry?

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