Quiz: What State Matches Your Hobbies and Life Goals?
What State Matches Your Hobbies and Life Goals?
By: Zoe Samuel
Image: https://www.pexels.com

About This Quiz

Some American states are so enormous that it's possible to live almost any sort of lifestyle within them. California, for example, contains beautiful beaches and mountains; vast cities, small towns, and enormous open spaces; empty deserts and fertile farmland; hot and arid climates as well as temperate and rainy ones. This means that you can move there and essentially pursue any hobby or life goal, and you'll probably find the spot that is reasonably suited to it.

However, other states are a little more specialized, and that might suit someone with a very clear picture of where they're trying to get to. After all, you can't noodle for catfish in California or go surfing in Montana. You probably can't get a tan in North Dakota, and you certainly can't smoke a legal joint in Tennessee. You can't climb a mountain in a state that is pancake flat or drive across the salt flats in a state that is covered with trees.

Thus, picking a state that caters to your particular hopes and dreams can help you to not waste time and energy pursuing the wrong things. Even the act of identifying it can help you narrow things down within the area you're already in, if you don't want to move across state lines. So let's get started and pick a state that suits the state of mind you'd like to be in!

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