What Sport Were You Meant to Play?

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Welcome to the United States of America, where sports are life. Okay, even if you're not in America rn, you've for sure heard of this country's complete obsessions with all things athletic. Like, gearing up for the "big game" is a whole mood in the U.S.A. Americans legit invented a channel where you can just watch sports 24/7 (sup, ESPN).

Americans are a little extra when it comes to sports, but let's be real: The whole world loves them. From soccer in South America to cricket in Australia, people just could not even without their sports. That's probably why the Olympics are so lit.

Whether you've been balling since before you could walk or can't tell the difference between a racket and a club, you're going to want to take our quiz to find out what sport you were meant to play. The answer might not be what you think it is, and we'd bet your result will leave you shook.

Once you've taken the quiz and found out what sport you should have been slaying all along, share it with your BFFs. If your results match up, you guys could have your own team! So, what are you waiting for? Take our quiz and find out what sport you were meant to play.

Okay, my dude, do you consider yourself particularly athletic?

We always see athletes with their headphones on before a big game. Which of these bops gets you hype AF?

Serious athletes are all about taking care of their bodies. Do you watch what you eat?

You've probably heard "there's no 'I' in team" like a million freaking times. Are you a team player, bruh?

Personally, we love to hit the gym. What's your reason for working out?

We want to know what makes you tick, my dude. Are you competitive?

When you peep yourself in the mirror, which of these adjectives comes to mind?

No cap, how would you react if we told you you're running a marathon tomorrow?

If you got clapped in the "big game," what would your next move be?

Let's hit the pool. Do you like swimming?

When you're watching a game with your fam, do you ever yell at the TV?

Some people like them, and some people don't. How do you feel about motivational quotes?

Imagine you're at your Hall of Fame induction ceremony. When your playing days are over, how would you want to be remembered?

In your opinion, which of these athletic abilities is most important?

You know our kicks are dripping on and off the field. Which of these athletic brands is your fave?

IRL, do you have a fave sports team?

On Friday night, how likely are you to watch a sports movie on Netflix?

All right, fam, do you prefer to be indoors or outdoors?

Strength and speed aren't the only things that matter. How's your mental game, bruh?

Imagine you've just signed a contract to play your sport abroad. Where are you headed?

When you were kid, did you ever dream of going pro?

We're trying to figure out your level of swolness. How many push ups do you think you can bust out in a row?

In gym class, at what point where you usually chosen for someone's team?

Pro athletes get stacks from endorsements. Which of these products could you see yourself promoting?

During a game or match, you've got to be ready for anything. How well do you handle high-pressure situations?

When you're not getting your sweat on, how do you like to relax?

In high school, which sport would you never ever have tried out for?

Pro athletes have lots of haters. How would you deal with the trolls?

Your team just won the championships, and it's about to get turnt. Which of these celebrations sounds the most lit?

When you hang up your spikes (or sneakers or skates), would you ever consider being a coach?

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