What sport did this famous athlete play?

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Many athletes are heroes to people of all ages. They are the best of the best, but how well do you know them? See if you can match the famous athlete to their sport in this HowStuffWorks quiz!

Which sport does Serena Williams play?

Williams has been ranked No. 1 in singles eight times. She is tied for the record with Steffi Graff for most consecutive weeks as world No. 1 by a female tennis player.

Babe Ruth played which sport?

Babe Ruth's famous Major League Baseball career spanned 22 seasons. Often called "The Bambino," he is a sports hero and considered to be one of the best baseball players of all time.

Peyton Manning played which sport?

Manning was a quarterback who played 18 seasons in the NFL for the Indianapolis Colts and Denver Broncos. He helped the struggling Colts, leading the team to its first Super Bowl title in over 30 years.

What sport does Cristiano Ronaldo play?

Cristiano Ronaldo is a professional Portuguese soccer player who plays for the Spanish club Real Madrid. He is considered by many to be the best soccer player of all time.

LeBron James plays which sport?

LeBron James plays for the Cleveland Cavaliers. He has two Olympic gold medals and is the NBA career playoff scoring leader.

What sport does Lionel Messi play?

Messi is an Argentine soccer player who plays for the Spanish club FC Barcelona. He is the only soccer player in history to win 5 FIFA Ballon d'Or awards.

Shaquille O'Neal played which sport?

Shaquille "Shaq" O'Neal played in the NBA for 19 years. He is one of the few basketball players to win All-Star game MVP, Finals MVP and NBA MVP awards in the same year.

David Beckham played which sport?

David Beckham won 19 trophies over a 20-year career. He is the first English player to win titles in four countries.

Tiger Woods is known for which sport?

Tiger Woods is an American professional golfer. He is one of the highest-paid athletes in the world.

Venus Williams plays which sport?

Venus Williams is the older sister of Serena Williams. She was the first African-American woman to be No. 1 in the world during the Open era.

Michael Phelps took part in which sport?

Phelps is a record-breaking former competitive swimmer. He has won more medals than any Olympian in any sport.

What sport is Roger Federer known for?

Roger Federer is a Swiss professional tennis player. With 18 Grand Slam titles, he has won the most in history.

Usain Bolt went to the Olympics for:

Usain Bolt is a Jamaican sprinter and eight-time Olympic gold medalist. He is widely considered to be the greatest sprinter of all time.

Kevin Durant plays which sport?

Kevin Durant plays for the Golden State Warriors. He has won several awards and medals, including Olympic gold medals and an NBA Most Valuable Player award.

Stephen Curry plays which sport?

Stephen Curry, better known as Steph Curry, plays for the Golden State Warriors. He is considered by many to be the greatest shooter in NBA history.

Ronda Rousey is known for which sport?

Rousey was the first American woman to ever earn an Olympic medal in judo. She is a mixed martial artist and judoka and former UFC Women's Bantamweight champion.

Tom Brady is known for which sport?

Brady is a quarterback for the New England Patriots. He is one of only two players in football history to win five Super Bowls.

Maria Sharapova got famous for which sport?

Sharapova is a Russian professional tennis player. She's the only Russian tennis player to hold the career Gand Slam and is an Olympic medalist.

Michelle Kwan took part in which sport?

Michelle Kwan is a figure skating legend. She is the most decorated figure skater in American history.

Mia Hamm played which sport?

Mia Hamm is a women's soccer icon and Olympic gold medalist. She is currently retired.

Michael Jordan played which sport?

Michael Jordan is currently retired. He played 15 seasons in the NBA and was so successfully marketed that he popularized the NBA around the world in the 1980s and 1990s.

Kristi Yamaguchi played which sport?

Yamaguchi was the first American woman to take home the gold Olympic medal in figure skating since 1976. She won in 1992.

Which sport does Eli Manning participate in?

Eli Manning is a quarterback for the New York Giants. He holds numerous Giants franchise records and named Most Valuable Player in both Super Bowls his team won.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. is known for which sport?

Earnhardt nabbed 26 wins over a near 20-year career. He won the Daytona 500 twice.

Kobe Bryant is known for which sport?

Kobe Bryant is currently retired. He spent his entire 20-year career playing for the Los Angeles Lakers.

What sport is Danica Patrick involved in?

Danica Patrick is the most successful woman in the history of open-wheel racing. She currently is a full-time competitor in the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series.

Aly Raisman is known for which sport?

Raisman is a two-time Olympian. She won gold medals at both the Rio and London Olympics.

Ma Long is known for which sport?

Ma Long is a Chinese table tennis player. As of 2017, he has held the No. 1 ranking for 58 months. This is the longest of any male player.

Simone Biles took part in which sport?

Simone Biles is an Olympic gymnast. She's the most decorated American gymnast, with 19 medals.

Eugenie Bouchard is known for which sport?

Bouchard is currently ranked No. 59 in the world. She became the first Canadian-born player to represent Canada at Wimbledon in 2014.

What sport did Jackie Robinson play?

Jackie Robinson played for the Brooklyn Dodgers. He was the first African-American to play Major League Baseball.

Which sport did Pete Rose play?

Pete Rose was a former Major League Baseball player and manager. He was a switch hitter and to this day is the all-time MLB leader in hits.

What sport is played by Novak Djokovic?

Novak Djokovic is a Serbian tennis player who is considered one of the greatest tennis players of all time. As of 2017, he is ranked No. 4 in the world.

Hope Solo plays which sport?

Hope Solo is an American goalkeeper. She is an Olympic gold medalist and world champion.

Misty May-Treanor plays which sport?

Misty May-Treanor is the most successful female beach volleyball player of all time. Currently retired, she is a three-time Olympic gold medalist with over 100 championship wins.

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