What Spirit Animal Will Your Heart Summon?

Teresa McGlothlin

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About This Quiz

If you are in touch with your heart, you probably already know that you have a spirit animal that looks over your entire life. But did you know you have one that your heart can call upon when things get really sticky? Now that you do, it's time you learn which one is just a call, a whistle or a command away! 

You might have a burly beast looking out for your soul, but your heart's spirit animal could be something very different. While some of us think with our instincts, the rest of us tend to think with our emotions. The animal that guards our hearts and would be there in an instant to save us should accurately reflect the way we approach the world. After you tell us about your heart, your love for animals and the things you hold sacred, it will be easy to let you know which beast is just a call away.

Answer the quiz questions as honestly as you can, and you will be rewarded with an animal who will never let you down. Will it be the spirit animal you've always imagined, or will you have to remain open to change? Let's get started and find out!

Why are dogs better pets than cats?

Which animal are you like when your last nerve has been touched?

Do you have the memory of an elephant?

How would your friends describe your heart?

Do you relate to your animal from the Chinese zodiac?

Which animal group is your family like?

If you could talk to a mythical animal, which one would you choose?

Are you like a lovebird with anyone right now?

If you could cuddle with a wild animal, which one would you choose?

How would you help a wounded baby bird?

Which animal related job would suit you best?

Are you more afraid of jellyfish or wasps?

What do you have in common with a bear?

Which grade would you get at obedience school?

If you had wings, where would you fly for the winter?

Do you consider yourself as sly as a fox?

What trait do you share with a Labrador retriever?

Could a raccoon be your spirit animal?

Which animal do you find funniest?

Where would you let a pet Great Dane sleep?

Are you as curious as an average cat?

Are owls really all that wise?

Which one of your senses is on par with a wolf?

Which of these beasts could be your guardian?

Would you ever have a pet rat?

How would you help an animal shelter?

Which animal has the most sensitive heart?

Would you rather have claws or hooves?

What do you think cows dream about?

How would you bribe a horse?

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