What Spirit Animal Represents Your Style Personality?

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About This Quiz

Your style personality is based off your fashion, hair and makeup choices, and that's exactly what we're going to learn more about today. Even if you don't consider yourself to be a fashionable person, your casual sense of style is still eligible to take this stylish quiz! From colors and comfort to accessories and date-night looks, it's time for you to tell us more about your fashionable preferences.

Many people believe that fashion is a form of expression that may be used to accentuate one's figure, as well as certain thoughts and feelings. No matter where you shop or how much money you spend, everyone has a sense of style that expresses a part of their personality. But the real question is, what type of personality lies beneath your fashionable choices? And better yet, what type of spirit animal matches these types of choices? Would it be an animal who is fierce and brave, or something shy and calmer? Spirit animals aren't just used to guide your thoughts in the right direction, as they may also lead you on a path of certain colors, designs and fabrics. Tell us more about what makes you feel pretty with this fashionable quiz! 

The chilly fall season calls for which of these types of jackets?

Fill in the blank: Everybody needs a few plain ________ shirts in their wardrobe.

You want to buy a scarf for a friend, but the question is ...What type of fabric will you choose?

One of the best parts about your ideal wedding day is the beautiful dress. What type of wedding dress would you want to wear on your big day?

Evening clutches look even prettier with some jewels on them. With which of these jewels would you adorn a clutch?

An Easter brunch calls for a pretty floral dress, but which type of flower looks the best on a dress?

Your significant other is taking you to a jewelry store for your birthday. Which of these would you want as a gift?

Everyone has a sense of style that makes them feel unique, but what's yours?

Fashion inspiration can come from many different places. Where does it come from for you?

Which of these fashion models represents your sense of style the best?

What feels worse: to have a bad hair day or a bad skin day?

A first date can be scary for anyone, but which of these dresses helps to increase your confidence?

Is it better to look fabulous but feel uncomfortable, or feel comfortable but look a little untidy?

If you were going to the Oscars this year, which fashion designer would design your beautiful gown?

Shoes can make or break a fashionable outfit. Which of these shoes makes you feel more pretty?

A fashion faux pas can be considered a crime to some people! Which faux pas have you committed?

You can only glam up one part of your appearance for a first date. Which of these do you choose?

Sunglasses don't just keep the sun's rays away, they also make you look a little more fashionable. Which of these sunglasses suits your face the best?

From which of these style eras do you draw some fashionable inspiration?

Is it better to make bold choices when it comes to fashion or play things safe?

If you had a career as a fashion model, which type of model would you be?

Would you ever wear a brown shirt with a yellow skirt?

When it comes to makeup, do you prefer natural looks or vibrant colors?

What type of hairstyle would you wear if you were going to a club on a Friday night?

Your BFF wants to braid your hair for a big event. Which type of braid would look the best on you?

When it comes to hair length, would you rather have super long or super short hair?

Is ripped clothing a fashionable crime or the best fashion invention to date?

Jeans are a fashion favorite among almost everyone. What type of jeans are your favorite?

You've scored a free hat at a giveaway! Which of these hats will you claim as a prize?

A paycheck bonus can only be spent on which of these fashionable purses?

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