Quiz: What Sign Shouldn't You Date?
What Sign Shouldn't You Date?
By: Teresa M.
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About This Quiz

Some signs are as compatible as oil and water! Everything might seem fine at first, but digging beneath the surface will start to show differences not worth getting to know! The dating world is challenging and often filled with misadventure. Save yourself some trouble, and make sure that you are not going to go out with someone that is completely wrong for you! 

This quiz is designed to help you find out which sign you should absolutely, never, under any circumstances, not if they were the last person on earth, go out with! 

Traditional astrology sites can be so confusing! Astrology is a complex science, and it's far too often too generalized resulting in inaccuracies. Our quiz is designed to get straight to the heart of you and your sign's traits. Once we learn more about you and how you operate in the dating world, we'll be able to detect the sign you should avoid going out with! 

Don't go on another date without knowing the sign you should avoid like the plague. In fact, once we let you know the sign to stay away from, you'll stop any attempts at conversation with you dead in its tracks! Get your clicking finger ready! 

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Which season were you born in?

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What quality do you like most in a partner?

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Where would you least like to be taken on a date?

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When you are angry, which of the elements are you most like?

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Which television couple do you want your relationship to be most like?

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Which board game would you most like to play on a first date?

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What everyday activity would make a good date activity?

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How would your best friend describe your dating style?

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What physical feature are you usually attracted to first?

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What country would you like to be whisked away to on a date?

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Which zodiac sign do you think would be the most fun to hang out with?

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Would you like to have children?

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Which celebrity would you like to date?

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Where would you most like to go on a date?

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Who do you turn to for relationship advice?

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