Quiz: What Should Your Name Really Be?
What Should Your Name Really Be?
By: Ian Fortey
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About This Quiz

Have you ever stopped to consider how weird your name really is?  Not the specific name, but any name that anyone has?  It's the label you go by your entire life, the thing everyone knows you as, and you didn't even pick it. In most cases, our names are given to us by our parents and sure, maybe they meant well, but they just made it up and gave it to you. They may have named you before they even met you!  What if you were destined to be named Quicksilver Duggan and your parents derailed you with a name like Gertrude.  No offense to the Gertrudes of the world, but you know your path would have been different if you were Quicksilver.

Whether you like your name or not, the fact is it was given to you before you were even you. You didn't develop a personality or a real sense of self yet, so the real you maybe never get a chance to come out and say hello.  There's a good chance another name could have really captured your essence if only someone had thought of it at the time.  Well, guess what?  Now's the time!  Take this quiz and tell us about yourself and then, bam! We'll tell you the name you always should have had.

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