What Should Your Makeup Style Be?

Zoe Samuel

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About This Quiz

Whether you are a sassy broad, a classy lady, an all-natural girl, or a vampy vixen, you need a makeup style that matches your personality. What's yours?

Who are you trying to impress?

How much time do you have?

What's your budget?

What's your skill level?

How creative are you?

Do you like to think outside the box?

Are you easily bored?

Do you mind doing a quick bathroom touch-up if you're out for a while?

Where are you going?

What else are you wearing?

Do you ever wear makeup just for yourself?

How sensible are you?

Are you feeling sexy?

What's the weather forecast?

How's your complexion?

Will you be working out today?

Do you plan to eat something super messy?

Who taught you to do makeup?

What magazine do you read?

What celebrity would you like to look like?

How funny are you?

Would you wear makeup that had been tested on animals?

Do you know how to blend?

How's your contouring?

Can you put mascara on your lower lashes without your eye watering uncontrollably?

Have you ever bought into the idea that wearing makeup is somehow dishonest?

What do you want your look to express about you?

Are you trying to hide anything?

Do you sometimes need to change looks halfway through your day?

Do you ever go makeup-free?

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