What % Redneck Are You?

Brian Whitney

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To some people saying that someone is a redneck is an insult, but to others, it just might be a compliment. You see, a redneck isn't all that concerned with what people from the city or even the suburbs think. They just don't understand the redneck way of life anyway; you know when Skynard said to Neil Young in Sweet Home Alabama? It's kind of like that. 

But with that said, there are a lot of different degrees of being a redneck. Some people aren't a redneck at all, some have just a little bit of redneck in them, while others have so much redneck going on inside of them that it is ridiculous.

Where might you be on the redneck scale? Is "Friends in Low Places" one of your favorite songs? Have you ever sprayed weed killer on your lawn so you didn't have to mow it? Do you think paintings always look better when they are painted on black velvet? Do you feel naked without a toothpick in your mouth? Do you know all of the lyrics to "Freebird?" 

If you answered yes to any of those, or even if you kind of wanted to, you might have just a little redneck in you. Take this quiz to find out how much.

How many hunting dogs do you have?

How often do you chew tobacco?

Have you ever picked up a date at a convenience store?

Have you ever shot at a beer can?

Have you ever chilled beer in your tub?

How many baseball hats do you own?

How many spare tires do you own?

Have you ever driven a tractor on an errand?

Have you ever hit a deer with your truck on purpose?

What do you think of Hee Haw?

Who is your favorite country singer?

What do you think of Cameros?

What is your favorite truck?

Do you have any relatives named Billy-Bob?

Do you have an above ground pool?

Do you have a homemade fur coat?

What is your favorite color?

Have you ever fought for custody of a hunting dog?

What does your house smell like?

How many flannels do you own?

Do you have a trash bag where your car window should be?

What have you spend most on?

How loud is your car?

Do you have to go down a dirt road to get to your place?

How dark is it outside your place at night?

Do you like NASCAR?

How are your teeth?

Are you into WalMart?

Have you ever worn a mullet?

What meat have you eaten most often lately?

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