Quiz: What Rare Predator Matches Your Personality?
What Rare Predator Matches Your Personality?
By: Brian Whtiney
Image: Tom Brakefield/DigitalVision/Getty Images

About This Quiz

Even the most mellow of us has an inner predator. A predator can be an animal that preys on others, or it can be a person that exploits other people for its own gain. While only a few of us are predators all the time, and if you're one of them, shame on you, all of us have that predatory side, even if it is something that only comes out every great once in a while. 

We all know the more common predators.  Some of them only aren't that scary to human beings, such as the fox or the hawk, while others freak us right a lot of us right out if we come across them like a grizzly bear or a crocodile. Depending on where you live a lot of people also get pretty terrified of poisonous snakes.

But nothing about you is common if you're going to let your inner predator out, it is going to be something that is totally out of the norm, something unexpected, something that people will never forget. After all, why bother to let your predator freak flag fly if you're just going to act like all the rest? Take this quiz and we'll let you know what rare beast your inner predator is. 

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What sounds most fun?

7 of 30
What job would be best for you?

8 of 30
What kind of book do you read?

9 of 30
How would your friends describe you?

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Who would you be on Game of Thrones?

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Has anyone ever said you're a predator in real life?

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Where would you most like to visit?

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What would you do on a nice summer day?

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How many people have you gone to bed with in your life?

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