Quiz: What Rank Would You Have Achieved in WWII?
What Rank Would You Have Achieved in WWII?
By: Teresa McGlothlin
Image: Getty

About This Quiz

There have been a lot of hard-fought battles throughout human history, but World War II was one of the toughest. Brave soldiers and sailors endured endless battles on the road to victory.  If you were enlisted in the military back then, what rank would you managed to achieve? 

From the beaches of Normandy to the Battle of the Bulge, units from every branch fought to restore peace to the world. To find out how you would have fared under such harrowing circumstances, we will need to learn all we can about you. Learning about the stuff you're made of and how you approach your life will help us figure out which rank you would have achieved. 

Every question will have four possible responses. Your duty is to choose the answer you feel best represents you and your personality traits. After you've completed the task, we will analyze your results against the qualifications of soldiers and officers during WWII. Then, we'll pair you up with your best possible rank. 

If you've ever watched a film or listen to a veteran speak, you know that WWII required a lot of courage from each and every individual. Let's find out how far your courage would have taken you!

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