What Rank Will You Earn in the Navy Based on Your Wilderness Skills?

Teresa McGlothlin

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As far as we're concerned, it's tough enough to survive everyday life! For some, escaping the rat race and getting out into the wilderness is a treat. For others, it's an absolute nightmare. During this quiz, we're going to put your outdoor and survival skills to the test. Once we're done with you, we'll know how high you could rank in the Navy. Every ounce of toughness you have will be required!

You might be wondering what your outdoor skills have to do with being in the Navy. Of course, there are jobs aboard ships in the branch, but there are also a lot of posts that could use some wilderness training. The SEALS, for example, find themselves in all sorts of situations. It's not uncommon for them to need to know how to start a fire or find a water source. 

As you go through the obstacle course of questions we've given you, pretend that you are in their shoes and answer in a way that sees you making it out alive. Whether you're hoping to be a Navy SEAL or hoping to guide fighter jets on to the deck, you'll need to know how to make it on your own to get a good rank.

How high in the Navy will you climb? It all depends on how well you survive the wild!

It seems you've gone off the trail. How do you find your way back?

If you lost one of your shoes in the river, would you go without it?

How would you start a fire without matches?

There's a storm coming and you need to take shelter now. How do you do it?

You've lost your compass. How do you find north again?

How would you signal to rescue aircraft?

You wake up on a deserted island. What's the first thing you would do?

You're starving! Would you eat the dead squirrel you found?

Which item is a must-have when heading out into the wilderness?

Out of these weapons, which is most important in a survival situation?

If you couldn't find a water source, how would you hydrate?

You've encountered an angry rattlesnake. What's your first move?

You find an abandoned car. What do you take from it?

If you had to eat it, which wild animal sounds the tastiest?

Which kind of trap would you use to get mice out of your shelter?

Do you know how to make a fishing net?

Which of these survival shows could you win?

There are red berries on a bush next to you. Do you eat them?

In a wet climate, what would you do to keep your feet dry?

Which of these things would you use to make a spear?

Which water purification method do you trust the most?

The mosquitos are terrible! How do you keep them from biting you?

What material would you prefer to use to build a raft?

If you were in the jungle, where would you place your shelter?

How much do you know about plant medicine?

Oh, no! You've broken your shin bone. How do you brace it until you get back?

How would you brush your teeth out there?

Do you still remember how to use a map?

When surviving in the snow, how would you stay warm?

What would you use as an improvised cooking vessel?

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