Quiz: What Rank Could You Earn In The Military?
What Rank Could You Earn In The Military?
By: Teresa McGlothlin
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About This Quiz

If you've been considering a career in the military, you will find this quiz to be a helpful resource. Once you tell us about your personality, your skills, and your will to survive, we'll be able to figure out which rank you would earn. You'll have to aim high to make it into the upper crust, but we think you can achieve your dreams. 

Being a member of any military branch is a prestigious honor, and we know that you won't take any of our questions lightly. We expect good things from your military service, and achieving a high rank will take more than just brain power. When you read our questions, try to choose the answer that you think represents you the best. By the time you have finished, we think we'll know which medal will be pinned on your uniform during your military career. 

You can't be a Major with a Private's attitude, so it's up to you to show us your true grit. Once we get to know how you handle yourself, the rank you could earn yourself will be clear. Will it be the rank you've always dreamed of, or will you need to work harder? March your way to the questions, and we'll find out! 

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Which branch of the military is the toughest?

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What kind of driver are you?

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How would you describe your leadership style?

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What kind of shoes do you wear most often?

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Which predator are you like when you're hunting?

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Which veteran do you know the most about?

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If a zombie outbreak occurred, which weapon would you want by your side?

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Which of your traits is the strongest?

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What MRE flavor would you prefer for dinner?

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What kind of vehicle do you drive?

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Which first responder job would you like to try?

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Where would you prefer to be stationed?

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Which US president do you like most?

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How patriotic are you?

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