What Predator Matches Your Animal Instincts?

Zoe Samuel

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Human beings are capable of higher thought, reasoning, and communication unmatched by any other species on this planet. We spent millennia evolving, refining the cultures that grew out of our early days, developing laws to curb our base instincts. We like to think we have come a long way from our nights living in trees, but while we may walk upright, we didn't leave all of our animal selves in those trees.

Humans still have instinctual reactions to certain things. We evolved to spot threats in the tall grasses of the savanna, so we're very good at picking out patterns, even when they aren't really there, paranoia being a decent survival strategy even when incorrect, after all. We also get excited about things as animals do, experience rewards as animals do, and compete as animals do. When you think your dog is behaving like you, you should consider that maybe you just behave more like a dog than you thought you did.

You are the planet's apex predator. Which animal predator do you most resemble? Which totemic animal suits your most primitive instincts? It is possible to figure this out with just a few questions. If you are ready to find out, just take the quiz, and we will match your animal instincts to one of Earth's most infamous predators!

How often do you feel your animalistic urges?

How often is the focus of your instincts a threat to you?

Do you ever get bloodthirsty without the cause of being hungry?

How often is the focus of your instincts an easy target?

How far off do you set your goals?

How likely are you to use cover of night?

How likely are you to turn on your own family?

Where would you look to spot the thing you fear the most?

How do you react when cornered?

What is your natural environment?

How do you do in captivity?

How would you react if your young were threatened?

How is your relationship with your significant other?

How close do you live to your prey?

How close do you live to your rivals?

How much cover is there in your environment?

Which sense do you trust the most?

What bodily aspect would you use in a fight?

How would you act stealthily?

What do you look for in your prey?

How would you pick off your prey?

What satisfies your hunger?

What colors help you to blend in?

Where would you prefer to set up your den?

How likely are you to be harmful to people?

How do observers feel about your animal instincts?

What would it take to assuage your animalistic rage?

When you get target fix, how bad is your tunnel vision?

Do you ever start a fight you can't win?

Do you play with your food?

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