What Predator Are You, Based on Your Emotional Responses to These Situations?

Emily Maggrett

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At our best, humans can be incredibly brave, wonderfully generous, impressively creative and surprisingly kind. Just think about Mr. Rogers, who managed to be all those things at once! However, at our worst, humans can sink to depressing lows, abusing and killing as well as degrading those who dare to be different from us.

But this quiz isn't about that! It's about how we act when we're having a bad day. Sometimes, despite our best intentions, we can be as vicious as vipers, as angry as hornets or as mean as junkyard dogs. Think of how you react when someone cuts you off in traffic. All of a sudden, another side of you emerges, one that is petty, vindictive and rather savage. Or maybe you find out that a friend stole your best client. For a moment, you might feel ready to rake your nails across their face like a furious lion.

In this quiz, we're going to find out which predator you act like when you're at your worst by asking you how you'd react in a number of stressful hypothetical situations. When the shinola hits the fan, how do you behave? By the end of the quiz, we'll be able to tell you which animal embodies the spirit of your anger, so you can understand more about how others see you. Ready to expose your dark side? Let's play!

Imagine you're a vegetarian. Your new and otherwise fantastic boyfriend reveals that he's an avid hunter who loves the thrill of shooting prey. Do you break up with him?

You're a new mom of an adorable adopted baby girl. At the grocery store, another woman asks you if you're your daughter's nanny. How do you react?

After putting in many long nights on an important work project, it's finally time to present it to the board. However, your manager asks that you not be part of the presentation because "you're so awkward." What do you do?

If you'd been waiting in line for two hours for an incredible amusement park ride and an elderly woman cut in front of you, what would you say to her?

You're driving in a new city and someone is tailgating you. You have to stop suddenly to let a child cross the street and the tailgater rear-ends you. How do you react?

Your son just won his first hockey game. You run out to the rink to hug him and he pushes you away, saying "not in front of the team!" How do you deal?

If you found out your sweetie had taken out a new credit card in order to buy you a gorgeous watch for Valentine's Day, what would you say?

Your best friend's haircut is very dorky. Nonetheless, you compliment it and they offer to pay for you to get the same one. What do you do?

At the gym, you overhear a personal trainer recommending a dangerous diet to a young client. Do you intervene or let it go?

Your mother-in-law asks you to have a spa day with her on her dime. Twist: when you get there, you discover it's a nude spa. What's your move?

A tiny dog keeps breaking into your house via the cat door and eating your cat's food. How do you deal with him?

You fall in love with someone over the internet and proceed to send them a fair amount of money. One day you find out that your love is actually a teenage neighbor who was catfishing you. Do you report them to the police?

Imagine you're in high school. By teaming up with a certain classmate, you could win the science fair. But you hate this classmate! Do you join forces anyway?

At your big, splashy wedding, your cousin shows up wearing white. She then gets drunk at the reception and mocks your new spouse. Do you kick her out?

You're running for office and having a secret affair with your rival! Another political enemy threatens to expose your secret. What do you do?

A waiter gives your grandmother real coffee instead of decaf as she requested. You confront the waiter and he refuses to apologize. Do you yell at him?

Your out-of-work spouse rarely cleans the house, instead spending most of their time playing Frisbee golf with friends. You mention the house is dirty and they ask if you can hire a housekeeper. What do you say?

At a party, your friend asks you to hold her baby. You agree. While you're holding the baby, he pukes, ruining your expensive blazer. Do you send your friend a dry cleaning bill?

Imagine you're volunteering to sit in a dunking booth for charity. As a prank, your son gets dozens of his friends to pay to dunk you. Do you ground him?

You're on a date with a pretty woman. It's going well until she reveals that she cooks all her meat by microwaving it. Would you ask her out again?

If you became rich overnight, would you pay off your siblings' debts or save all your money for yourself?

Pretend you're divorced. You find out through mutual friends that your ex is letting your young children play with firecrackers. Unfortunately, your ex freaks out whenever anyone criticizes their parenting. How do you handle it?

Would you rather be loved at your job but poorly paid or well-paid but hated by your coworkers?

The only way to avoid running over an adorable puppy is to swerve your car into an ancient yet beautiful magnolia tree. You know the impact would destroy the tree. What do you do?

You join forces with a young businessman to produce a music festival. The event is a disaster, featuring environmental catastrophes, fraud and wild dogs. Many workers go unpaid. Do you pay them back out of your own pocket or claim you were bamboozled?

Ten bikers enter the bar you're in and say that they won't rob you if you compete against their leader in a drinking contest. Do you agree?

An old lady asks for your help crossing the street. She then tries to steal your wallet. When you catch her, she cries and says she can't afford food. Do you make a citizen's arrest?

You're at a concert featuring your favorite band. A very tall man sits down in front of you, blocking your view. Do you ask him to swap seats with the person next to him?

Your mother accidentally sends an insulting email about you to everyone on her contact list. It maligns your character, weight, partner ... everything. How do you react?

Imagine your partner was perfect in every way, except for their habit of licking light switches in public. Would you stay or go?

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