What Personality Type Should You Avoid?

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They say that you are the average of the five people with whom you spend the most time, and while that's not a perfect summation of any individual, it's not a bad way to assess whether the people you spend your time with are actually helping or hindering your personal development and happiness. This isn't just a problem that can come up if you are unfortunate enough to be dating the wrong person; it's also a matter of who your friends are, what sort of team you work with, and whether you hang out with nice friendly neighbors or good people at your church/club/D&D game, etc.

After all, being around great people makes you feel peaceful, get more creative and work harder - and the great news is, no matter who you've been around so far, you can find those people any time. Better yet, you can also get rid of the folks who bully, belittle, demotivate and restrain you, no matter who they are. Just because someone has been in your life for a while, doesn't mean a) that they deserve to be or b) that they will always be. One of the great gifts many of us give ourselves, usually around age 30, is realizing that we have the power to act on this truth. This is even true if you're related!

If you want to excise the toxic people in your life, the first step is identifying who they are. Depending on your goals and personality, you need to trim different types of (figurative) fat first. Let's help you prioritize who needs to be out of your life - or if you meet a new person like that, never allow them in the first place!

Do you struggle to stand up for yourself?

Do you do the right thing when others are not doing it?

Are you on time?

Do you know what you're eating for dinner every day this week?

Do you like to be told what to do?

Do you need your private time?

Do you like to take care of others?

Do you like to stand out?

Have you ever ghosted someone?

Do you sometimes drink too much?

Can you sometimes steamroll people without realizing?

How busy are you?

Are you easily annoyed?

Do you have much of a delay between your brain and your mouth?

What's your idea of a lovely evening?

If someone cancels plans on you, how do you feel?

How many friends is too many?

If you're with X, and Y calls, do you pick up?

How important is it that all your friends get along with each other?

Do you need a lot of verbal affirmation?

Do you like to hug?

Do you like to be the boss?

Can you be mean if you really let yourself?

Do you like most children?

How much emotional labor do you usually do in your relationships?

Have you ever cut someone off because they behaved horribly?

Do you sometimes accept too many invitations?

Do you leave the office on time?

How are your manners?

Do you like most people that you meet?

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