What Personality Type Is Your True Love Match?

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About This Quiz

According to the Myers-Briggs personality test first published in 1943, there are 16 basic personality types! You might know your type, but have you ever wondered which type would be your one and only true love match? Whether you are an INFJ or an ESTP, there's sure to be a perfect combination out there for you!

It's important to learn your love match's personality type before you endure another mismatched disaster of a relationship or another date from down below. Sharing the qualities you personally possess will help us to accurately assess the personality type you should consider before making another dumpster fire of a commitment. 

After we get to know you better than your own family, we're sure that we will be able to match you with the introverted or extroverted personality type you would share ice cream with on a rainy day. We won't ask anything too revealing, but you are welcome to respond with the answer you feel best represents your relationship style or your hopes for the future. 

For maximum compatibility, try to answer as accurately as you can. Your set of traits are sure to be a love match for someone out there taking a quiz, too. 

Do you kiss on the first date?

Are you more emotional or more logical?

What personality trait do you find most attractive?

Fill in the blank: I am as __________ as a lion.

What type of lover do you think you are?

Do you kiss and tell?

Have you had many long term relationships?

Do you ever go out to eat alone?

What would you rather do on a long weekend?

Which physical feature do you notice in others first?

Which animal are you most like in bed?

How long did it take you to get over your last breakup?

How would your best friend describe you in a relationship?

Do you like the creative type?

Have you ever used Tinder?

What kind of movie would your current love life make?

What could a partner do to make you totally crazy?

How would you treat yourself after a hard week?

Could you date someone with high maintenance traits?

Which first date scenario would you hate most?

When is the last time you had a naughty dream?

Which character from "Friends" are you most like during a breakup?

Are you a good team player?

What are you like when you argue with your partner?

What first date gift would you appreciate most?

Do you sleep better alone or with someone else?

Would you rather live alone forever or settle for second best?

How are you with kids?

Do you know your personality type?

Which natural disaster are you most like when you are angry?

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