What % Princess Are You?

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There was a time that being a princess, in the real world, was simply a matter of being born into the right family, or if you were very fortunate, marrying into it. You had to produce an heir, but other than that, very little was expected of you in terms of good looks, morals, fashion sense, or anything of the sort. If you were a Disney princess you may well get to do some magical things and probably have a really great animal sidekick, but sadly, real princesses historically didn't even get to enjoy those things.

Nowadays, however, being a princess - whether real or fictional - is about far more substantive things. Princesses are refined, educated, and extremely well-connected. Real life princesses have to be diplomats who know everything about global affairs but simultaneously avoid meddling in politics, all while ensuring that the charities they patronize are well-served. They are figureheads who provide a little sparkle and hope to people, conferring awards and positions of honor upon civilians. They typically speak a number of languages, dress beautifully, and conduct themselves with tremendous dignity.

Do you have what it takes to be a princess? Take this quiz to get your princess percentage!

How many languages do you speak?

How blue is your sense of humor?

Do you have a filter between brain and mouth?

How many charities do you support?

Can you wear linen without creasing it?

Can you run on high heels?

Can you wear white without spilling?

Can you make absolutely anyone feel comfortable no matter who they are?

How often do you get the giggles in public?

Are you easily bored?

Can you sing in tune?

Do you like ceremonies and traditions?

Do you like horses?

Do you plan to have at least three babies?

How big should a hat be, ideally?

How often do you like to have your hair done?

Is there any topic on which you do not have an opinion?

Do you have any naughty habits?

What happens when you get low blood sugar?

Do you mind always being "on"?

Do you play a musical instrument?

Do you intend to grow old disgracefully?

How many days a week do you say "screw it" and just leave the house looking like you fell off the back of a truck?

What do you think of etiquette rules?

How many new names can you remember in one go?

How good is your curtsey?

Do you like going to church?

How important is privacy?

Would you die for your country?

How refined are you?

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