What Part of Your Soul Is Dominant?

Teresa McGlothlin

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Far different from your personality, your soul is made up of traits that are beyond your worldly control. While you can tweak and bend your personality over time and with practice, your soul comes with a set of inherent qualities that you'll never be able to change. After you tell us all about yours, we'll figure out which part of it dominates your life according to the ancient Egyptians! 

Back during their pyramid days, the Egyptian spiritual system stated that every soul was made from nine distinct parts. From the Ka to the Ba, each part works together to form the very basis of your being. It also helps you to exist in the realm somewhere between here and the other worlds they believed in. Using our everyday terms and understanding of your soul, we're going to rate you on the ancient scale!

You probably don't give your soul much thought since it lives quietly within your consciousness, but open your third eye and let us in a little. Once we tally your responses, we'll know if you are ruled by your Kaht, your Ren or something else! Will your dominant part come out of its shell once you know?

Which one of these virtues do you try to uphold?

Have you ever been called a free spirit?

What do you have in common with an angel?

Which of these things soothes you the most?

Do you answer your own questions?

Which of the Four Noble Truths interests you the most?

Do you meditate, pray or nap when you're stressed?

Which of these words makes your feel warm and hopeful?

Do you thrive on creativity or logic?

How do you cheer yourself up?

Would you say your are extravagant or frugal?

How would your coworkers describe your manners?

If you were asked to describe your relationship style, how would you do it?

What kind of advice do you give your friends?

What's your sense of humor like?

Are you adventurous enough to go on vacation alone?

Do you confront problems or bury your head in the sand?

Is it easy for you to make changes in your life?

Would your brain be more entertained by a musical or a baseball game?

How do you come off when you meet new people?

What do you think about when you see a rainbow?

Which of your chakras could use some attention?

Do you always find the silver lining?

If you had a soul guardian, which animal would it be?

Which of your personality traits is most inflexible?

If you attended a party, what would you be found doing?

What kind of heart would your ex say you have?

Would you enjoy working with kids or animals more?

How long has it been since you've attended a religious service?

Do you believe your dreams mean something?

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