What Palace Job Would Be Right For You?

Zoe Samuel

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Obviously, some people can run a palace primarily just by singing to their animal friends, who then come to their aid by doing all the cooking, cleaning, and necessary repairs. It seems pretty clear that the animals just know what needs doing and that they do it all to high professional standards - and they don't seem very bothered by the fact that they're not being paid. They all work together in perfect unity, and they need no management whatsoever.

Of course, any real princess can tell you that running a real palace is a whole lot more complicated than this. You need all sorts of tiers of management, with multiple departments: from the people whose job is to maintain the physical palace and the workers within it, to those who protect it, to those who keep it fiscally healthy, to those who simply work there in a governing, entertaining, clerical, or religious capacity. That means everyone from the blacksmith to the maids to the sentries to the chamberlain's office to the scribes to the chaplain. It's a huge enterprise, essentially similar to running a midsize company.

Where would you fit into the mix? It's time to find out!

Are you good with numbers?

What are horses for?

How funny are you?

Do you want to hang out with the king on the regular?

Do you have a steady hand?

What sort of family are you from?

What's your idea of a great work uniform?

Do you mind shift work?

How physically robust are you?

What age do you want to retire?

Have you ever served in the military, or if you haven't, would you?

Where would you like to sit in the Great Hall?

Do you want a shot, however remote, at marrying the prince or princess?

Are you a woman?

What weapon do you know how to use?

Do you get cold easily in chilly weather?

What's your ideal of success?

Besides a horse, what animal would you like to work with?

Who do you want for a boss?

Do you want to manage anyone else?

Can you handle the stairs?

What languages do you speak?

How much does it matter to you that this particular king stays in power?

Which scene of a Shakespeare play would you first appear in, doing what you do?

How would your character make out in the course of a Christopher Marlowe play?

Do you have a good height for heights?

Which palace department do you definitely NOT want to work in?

Is there any chance that you will be put out of work by a singing mouse or mopping bird?

If the king goes on his royal tour, what are the odds you're going with him?

Where does your family live?

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