What One Thing Do You Need to Know About Yourself Before You Choose a College?

Emily Maggrett

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What makes a university a good fit for you? Is it the size or the location? Do you care whether your college has dope programs for people with your major, or are you more interested in colleges with school cultures that you relate to?

You might not know the answers to these questions yet and feel annoyed that we're pressing you. This process is already making you anxious AF; you don't need internet quizzes interrogating you! Well, sorry not sorry. The truth is, there's one thing you need to know about yourself before you choose a college, which is what will help you STAY in college. After all, if you don't finish, everything you do there will be an epic waste of time (and money.) 

So, what will actually motivate you to stick it out? Do you need to be in the same state as your fam? Do you need to go somewhere low-key? Or would you be more excited to go to school in another place, somewhere where you can live in slides and tank tops year-round? If you want to know the most important factor to keep in mind when looking at those glossy catalogs, play this quiz!

Which of these quotes makes you feel #blessed?

Do you love hanging out with your fam or do you feel smothered by them?

If you were offered the chance to study for a semester in Portugal, would you get on it?

Which movie do you want your college experience to be like?

How bougie will you dress at college?

Do you already know what you want your major to be, bruh?

If the only college that accepted you was in your home state, would you be disappointed?

On an average day, do you feel chill or stressed AF?

What do you hope your campus looks like?

For real: do you think it matters if a university is famous?

Are you an athlete? Do you want to go to a school with a large athletic program?

Do you enjoy speaking up in class, or does it make you feel like a brainiac on the nerd patrol?

When you go to restaurants, what do you order?

How long has your BFF been your BFF?

Are you willing to take on a crazy amount of debt?

Do you like going to festivals?

If you had to go to a school where you didn't know anyone, could you make new friends quickly?

When people underestimate you, do you feel fired up to prove them wrong or discouraged?

Are you a Hermione, totally focused on school, or a Harry, i.e. school is the least of your problems?

Do you love your extracurriculars or nah?

What's your idea of a litty Friday night?

Are you currently in a relationship?

What's your theme song?

Do you hate your hometown?

Are you passionate about learning, or just about getting a good job?

What kind of friends are you hoping to make at school?

Do you want to live on campus or off-campus?

How obsessed are you with impressing other people?

Do you hope to run for political office?

Are you more excited about college or life after college?

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