What Natural Phenomenon Describes Your Personality?

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Natural phenomena are used to describe the presence of a rare (and often beautiful) sighting in the sky, or rare changes within the Earth. Examples of this include haze, a sun dog, crepuscular rays and an iceblink. Tornadoes are also considered to be natural phenomena, although we recommend that you prioritize your safety over its beauty if you see one! 

Some natural phenomena also occur outside of our planet, and a supernova is a prime example of this. And if you're a fan of the ocean, we've got a few phenomena for you, which includes bioluminescence, tsunamis and the green flash. Some natural phenomena also occur in certain parts of the world, like the "sea smoke" that you see from the Black Sea.

But what does all of this otherworldly beauty have to do with your personality? It is believed that humans are connected to stardust, and if that's the case, we're more connected to natural phenomena than you may realize. In other words, your best and worst personality traits may resemble a violent storm, a calm type of beauty or maybe something a little more mysterious. If you're curious about which natural phenomena matches your personality the best, take this scientific quiz now!

If you were a star in the sky, how brightly would you shine?

Which of the planets in our solar system matches your soul the best?

Let's say that you could travel to another type of galaxy. Which of these galaxies would you want to visit?

If you had the power of the sun in your hands, what would you do with it?

Do you believe that the moon actually has a face on it?

What does the concept of an idea look like to you?

Which of the following types of weather matches your current mood?

The northern lights can be seen in the skies of various countries. Which of these countries would you visit to witness them?

How do you feel when you see a rainbow in the sky?

How would you want to travel through our solar system?

Which of these Star Wars spaceships would you want to pilot in our skies?

Which one of these types of energy do you resonate with the most?

Everyone gets stressed out sometimes and certain colors may help to alleviate tension. Which of these colors helps you to feel more calm?

Even the mind needs fuel, but the question is ... which of the following helps to fuel yours?

Do you think that there are other beings or creatures that live outside of our galaxy?

If you could visit the dinosaurs, which of these eras would you like to see them prosper in?

If dark matter had a taste to it, what do you think it would taste like?

Let's say that you now have a flag that represents your persona. Which of these symbols would you want on that flag?

Pretend that you can communicate with the sky. What question would you ask it?

You are given the opportunity to live in the sky. What types of clouds are you going to sleep on?

Your soul matches one of these types of terrain, but which one is it?

You stumble upon a dark cave in the middle of nowhere. Do you go inside of it?

Would you jump in a freezing lake for $300?

Some people are scared of heights, but the big question is ... are you scared of being too high up from the ground?

If you could equate the concept of optimism to an image, what would it look like to you?

Success is often achieved with some sacrifices along the way, but what are you willing to sacrifice for it?

Which of these beautiful trees would you want to plant in your backyard?

Would you give $50 to a coworker who desperately needs the money?

When you hear silence in the air, what kinds of thoughts run through your mind?

Is it better to have one best friend or five acquaintances?

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