Quiz: What Nationality Is Your Temperament Most Like?
What Nationality Is Your Temperament Most Like?
By: Brian W.
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

Have you ever heard you're a product of your environment? Or that you act the way you do because of how and where you grew up?

It's the classic nature versus nurture debate. We may have grown up in one culture or country, but, at some point, we all start to wonder if we truly belong in a different one because of our temperament. Want to find out which country you belong in? Read on to find out.

Everyone wants to feel at home. But before you hop online and start searching for a place overseas, maybe take this quiz to get a better idea of the country where you'd possibly feel more at home.

Despite your current country of residence, do you find yourself polite and traditional like people from England? Maybe deep down you're from the easygoing island of Jamaica? Maybe you're as friendly as the people in one of the coldest countries on earth, Iceland.

If you think your nationality is just slightly off when it comes to your temperament, go ahead and get started on this quiz. Maybe a move will be in your near future? Either way, consider this quiz a passport to a deeper understanding of yourself! Let's get started!

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