What Name Would You Have Had If You Were Born in the Victorian Age?

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Queen Victoria's reign was one of significant growth for Great Britain. Everything from religion to political issues to industry grew en masse during that time. Victoria's time on the throne came to be known as the Victorian Era due to all that happened. As eras go, there were trends during that time, and one of those trends was what people were naming their children. Some of the names have made a comeback, but some remained in that age. 

The names that were gifted to the world were nothing short of fascinating. You had names like Alma, which had nothing to do with where people went to school, and Tesla, which isn't the Elon Musk-owned car brand of today. Some of these names had a religious origin, and some were family names from a time even longer in the past, but either way, these names meant something to people. They are effortlessly classic and elegant, and you'll be ahead of the game if you decide to name your child after one of them. But what if you lived in the Victorian Era? What would your name have been? We know! Take this quiz, and we'll tell you!

Which Victorian Era job do you think would have fit you the best?

If you were to have a royal title, which one would it be?

Do you think you would have invented anything during that time?

If you were to have a child, would you name them after yourself?

In the Victorian Era, people had many kids. How many can you see yourself having?

Do you like the look of Gothic architecture?

Which author could you read over and over again?

When it's time to choose a partner, what do you look for the most?

What would you be in charge of when planning a party?

If women still had to wear corsets, how would you feel about it?

Would you be OK sleeping in a separate bed than your husband/wife?

Can you pick a hairstyle that you would want to wear every day?

Are you gentle, or can you get a little aggressive?

What's your biggest goal in life?

Do you plan to marry for love?

Would you consider yourself high maintenance?

Do you do your best to spread positive energy to the world?

Are you one of the funniest people you know?

How well do you work when there's a lot of pressure put on you?

Are birthdays important to you?

If you finally got the chance to take a long-awaited vacation, where would you go?

You have endless money. What do you spend it on?

Can you handle a lot of rules being placed on you?

At which activities do you excel?

Do you like your current name?

Does someone's name have any impact on them at all?

What is the best medicine?

Would you seek out the help of someone more experienced than you if you needed it?

What kind of experience was school for you?

Would you consider yourself adventurous?

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