What Military Nickname Do You Deserve?

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When we turn our minds to military history, many names come to mind. What is crazy is how many of those names were either nicknames, or variations on the names of the leaders in question. Peter the Great was in fact named Peter, but his last name was not "the Great". Genghis Khan's name was neither Genghis nor Khan. It was Temüjin. Does the name Bennosuke sound familair? How about Bennosuke's later nom de guerre, Miyamoto Musashi, a name synonymous with sword mastery and military strategy in Japan? The Desert Fox was the name bestowed on Irwin Rommel by the British, just as Charles Martel's "surname" translates as "hammer" and refers to his battle prowess, not his heritage.

Military nicknames can come from anywhere. Watch the credits of Top Gun and you'll read the call signs of the pilots who flew the aircraft in the film. Watch the film Full Metal Jacket and you'll see a representation of how some soldiers get their nicknames in the cruelest way possible. We came up with a gentle, fun way for you to find your military nickname! You don't need a Parris Island haircut or a wingman to get one anymore! Just take this quiz, and we'll give you a unique nickname that reflects your soldierly qualities!

At what age would you enlist?

Who do you think will enlist with you, of the people you know?

What skill would you excel in, in basic training?

What sort of specialty would you be most interested in?

What is your best weapon?

How would you take out a sentry in an urban setting?

What is your preferred hand-weapon?

Which vehicle would you most like to drive/pilot?

Which branch of the service interests you the most?

How long do you want to stay in?

What are your plans for after you get your discharge papers?

How important is it that you have a combat role?

All things being equal, where in the world would you most like to serve?

Who do you think is the biggest threat the US military needs to face?

What style of hand to hand do you favor?

What rank do you aspire to?

What video game do you think gives the most accurate representation of military life?

What movie badass is your military role model?

What song do you put on the squad mix tape, when you have to go on patrol?

What's your idea of a funny practical joke, on base?

How young do you plan on getting married?

What skills do you think you'll continue to hone after your service is over?

What games will you play in the field to take your mind off the boredom?

Once you're allowed to style yourself a little, what sort of personal grooming will you cultivate?

Would you rather be deployed overseas most of the time, or stay on bases in the USA?

If you were stuck in a sticky situation, who would you want to come to your rescue?

Of these people, which American military man do you admire the most?

What tactic would you lean on for invading a frontier enemy base?

What would make you most comfortable, in a combat situation?

How likely is it you'll actually join the military?

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