What Meaningful Tattoo Should You Get?

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There are no right or wrong reasons to get a tattoo, as this really comes down to personal preference. But for some people, tattoos have a special meaning to them, as they may hold the power of friendship, love, loss and life purpose in one single image. Meaningful tattoos don't have to be in the form of an image either, as some of them consist of just one word or a song title. And if you really want to show your love for someone, you could always get a tattoo of their name or face on you (just try not to break up shortly after this)!

One example of a meaningful tattoo is a musical note. While this may show something obvious, like someone's love for music, it may also have a deeper meaning. An individual may feel like they have been "saved" by music, as many different songs have helped to heal people spiritually and therapeutically. Or how about a tattoo of a tree or a flower? This may represent someone's love for nature, but it could also show that they have a spiritual connection to Mother Nature. So no matter how you're feeling in life lately, our meaningful quiz will guide you on what kind of tattoo you should get!

If there was an animal within your soul, which of these would it be?

Your boss has decided to give you the day off today! What are you going to do?

Would you like the meaning of your tattoo to be more obvious or subtle?

Which of these Disney movies would you like to watch for this evening?

If your personality was labeled as a Starbucks drink, which of these would it be?

Do you tend to think about your past or your future more?

Which of these random gifts would you really want for your birthday?

Which of these fun and unique classes would you choose to become a more interesting you?

Which of your best personality traits do you believe your tattoo should symbolize?

With summer right around the corner, now is the perfect time to choose a vacation spot! Which of these cities would you choose?

A road trip would be so boring without which of these songs to listen to?

Do you believe that you've overcome many hardships in the past?

What's the one job that you would never want to attempt in a million years?

It's time to pick a unique hue for your tattoo! Which of these colors resonates with you the most?

Would others describe you as a people person or do you prefer to be alone?

Where is the best place to get a meaningful tattoo?

If you were going to get the word "love" tattooed on you, which of these typefaces would you choose?

Many celebrities are known for their tattoos. Which of these famous folks has some of the best tattoos?

Which of these abstract photographs would you pick as your new smartphone wallpaper?

Which of these artistic tattoo styles would you want to show off to your friends?

Are you normally more productive during the morning, afternoon or evening hours?

Which of these branches of philosophy would you choose to stretch your imagination?

One of these aspects of life is the most important to you, but which one is it?

Have you found your purpose in life or is this something that you're still looking for?

Your personality is similar to one of these Dungeons and Dragons classes, but which one is it?

If you could get a tattoo of one of these yummy fast food items, which would you choose?

It's time to determine how "big" your personality is on our 1-10 scale!

The time has come to assign yourself to one of these notable Hogwarts houses!

Are you always wishing that you could change certain things in your life?

Would you rather spend the next 30 days in the outdoors or solely inside your home?

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