What Masculine Haircut Is Right for You?

Alex Wittman

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About This Quiz

Few things make us feel as good as a fresh-to-death haircut. That moment when the stylist (barber, whoever!) hands you a mirror so you can check yourself TF out #yktv. Yeah, don't ever try to tell us we don't know how to enjoy the finer things in life. We're fine AF, and we sure AF know how to enjoy ourselves.

Whether you've already made an appointment for your next haircut or are just daydreaming about new looks, we want to help you find out what masculine haircut is right for you. Oh, and don't get it twisted: It's 2019, my dude. Check a calendar if you don't believe us! These days, you don't need a Y chromosome to rock a masculine haircut. Male, female, nonbinary — these looks and this quiz are for everyone. Yuh, we're woke. Hbu?

Now that we've got all that sorted, what do you say? Are you ready to find out what masculine haircut is right for you? Is your vibe more buzzed or bun? Slicked back or spiked up? Even if you don't think you'll be inquiring after some scissors anytime soon, you know you wanna know. Take our quiz to reveal the masc look you were born to serve. 

Step right up to the mirror,. More or less, what head shape are we working with here?

ATM, what color is your hair?

Because they're, like, the windows to the soul or whatever, what color are your eyes?

Just to clarify: We're talking literally and not figuratively. About how big is your head, fam?

Since authenticity is life, we want to know: What's your natural hair texture?

Ugh, we just can't even when the alarm goes off. How long does it usually take you to get ready in the morning?

Okay, no cap: Do you enjoy doing your hair?

If you could have your way, how much time would you spend on your hair every day?

Currently, how long (or not long) is your hair?

Once you've got your new look, how often will you see the stylist to maintain it?

While your main look will obv be fire, do you want to be able to change it up?

We're sure you're slaying as is. What's your fave thing about your hair ATM?

This may seem a little bougie, but how do you feel about using products in your hair?

We promise none of these products are that extra, so which are you down to use every day?

Everyone gets busy adulting but (hopefully) not too busy to forget about hygiene. How often do you wash your hair?

If someone (read: us) asked you to describe your personal sense of style, what would you say?

Okay, we're gonna have your BFF describe you. How do they sum you up?

You're running way late, but before leaving the house, what do you make sure to grab?

In your opinion (because who else's would we GAF about?), which of these celebrities has the best style?

When it comes to keeping your look looking fresh to death, are you willing to spend some money on your hair?

We swear we're not finna troll you, but have you ever had a bad haircut?

If someone slid in your DMs and said they liked your hair, how would you react?

To be looking fresh from head to toe, which of these kicks could you most likely see yourself stepping out in?

Just be real with us: How many selfies do you usually snap before getting "the one" to post?

When you get a fresh haircut, what's the first social-media platform you show it off on?

lf bae said they didn't like your hair a certain way, how would you react?

When you wake up in the morning, how savage is your bedhead?

Once you leave the house for the day, how often do you check yourself in a mirror?

Hey, my dude, do you consider yourself a bold person?

If all your hair straight-up ghosted you tomorrow (i.e. fell out), how would you react?

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