What Loyal Dog Breed Guards Your Soul?

Teresa McGlothlin

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About This Quiz

There are lots of ways to think of our souls, but it's especially comforting to know that we have a loyal dog breed looking out for our every move. If you close your mind and think about the dog you think might be guarding your very consciousness, which one would it be? After you answer our questions, we believe we'll be able to give you all the wet-nosed details. 

While some people believe we have spirit animals, we think that we have a special soul guardian. We also believe it comes in the form of one of the world's most loyal dogs. When you fill us in on the way you interact with dogs and the things that make your soul get so excited that your tail wags, the dog that lives inside and points you in the right direction will bark until we notice the right one.

From the Boston terrier to the Labrador retriever, some dogs are simply cut out to stand by their best friend. Do you think your soul is guarded by a dog that you've owned or a dog that you need to run out and adopt? Bare your soul with us, and we'll fetch the dog for you!

Which type of dog makes your heart smile most?

What do you envy most about a dog's life?

If we sent you to obedience school, what grade would you get?

Why are dogs better pets than cats?

What dog trick could you soul stand to learn?

If you had to give your soul a dog's nickname, which one would you choose?

Do you have more than one dog right now?

What might you donate to an animal-related charity?

Which word would your best friend use to sum up your attitude?

What kind of wild dog is your spirit most like?

Would you have the heart to lie to a dog about going to the vet?

What doggie activity do you enjoy most?

When you sense danger, what do you do?

If you were invited to a dog's birthday party, what gift would you take?

Which cartoon dog are you most like in the mornings?

What do dogs think about when their owners are at work?

Do you growl, howl or bark when you are angry?

Which small dog breed do you fear the most?

Have you ever been to a dog show?

What do you have in common with Scooby Doo?

If you were looking for a new dog, where would you search?

What is the best way to bathe a dog?

Which of the larger dog breeds seems friendliest?

How do you praise a dog for doing something well?

How do you react when someone comes to your door?

Have you ever tasted dog food?

What kind of pet was your first?

Which of these things sends you running with your tail between your legs?

Would your friends say you are loyal?

Which of these dog movies makes you tear up?

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