Quiz: What Do You Know About These Cars From the 1970s?
What Do You Know About These Cars From the 1970s?
By: Maria Trimarchi
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In the early '70s, the Cold War was raging. The Space Race was heated and Elvis Presley was performing in Hawaii.

And, Dodge, Plymouth and other American automakers charged ahead with their luxury and muscle car production.

From the Gremlin to the Cadillac, cars of the '70s came in all sorts of shapes and sizes, with two noticeable sizes: the biggest cars ever made, and the smallest sub-compacts that became known as "econoboxes." The disparity was with reason. Here's what was going on.

Automakers assumed that gas prices would always be cheap, and because of it, they made cars with low gas mileage. But it would be the sanctions placed on the U.S. in October 1973 that would trigger the biggest automotive changes of the decade.

Just days after the Yom Kippur War began in the Middle East, the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) placed an oil embargo on the U.S. -- specifically because of American support of Israel in the war. There were shortages, thefts and price spikes to contend with when the OPEC embargo sent gasoline prices skyrocketing across the country -- increasing by 37 percent after sanctions were in place.

This oil embargo would go on to separate the gas guzzlers from the gas sippers, the eight miles per gallon Ford wagon from a 21 miles per gallon Ford Pinto.

From the Dodge Challenger to the Honda Civic, see how much you know about these popular cars of the decade that gave us the Pet Rock, the Trans-Am and lines at the gas station.

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Which 1979 supercar starred as Thomas Magnum's ride in the TV series, 'Magnum P.I.'?
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Which American-made automobile was marketed as the "first American-built import?"
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Which has the claim to fame of being the longest station wagon that Ford ever made?
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In the early '70s, Neiman Marcus offered "His and Hers" versions of which car in its catalog?
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Which sports car can be seen transforming from a car into a submarine in the 1977 James Bond film, "The Spy Who Loved Me"?
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Which Italian sports car did Ford sell to the U.S. market?
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Which 1970 midsize American car used the name and likeness of a popular cartoon?
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Which car is considered the grandfather of the BMW 3 series?
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Which small car was really just an upgraded version of a Chevy Nova?
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Which personal luxury car was available in specially designed editions from famous designers at the time?
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In 1973, which muscle car began its transformation to touring car?
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Which luxury grand touring car's speed and acceleration holds its own against Ferrari?
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It would be about 12 years between when the last of which car rolled off the line and when it would star in the movie, "Wayne's World"?
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Which entry-level Chevrolet was the smallest car ever offered by the automaker?
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Which full-size American car placed third in the 1971 Cannonball Run?
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Which pony car was inspired by the look of its famous ancestors, but was ridiculed for its weak performance?
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Often thought of as a car of the '80s, which Italian-made sports car actually hit the market in 1974?
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Which was the first Japanese-made GT to sell well in the U.S. market?
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Which Italian-made two-seater sports car was the replacement for the automaker's affordable 850 Spider model?
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Which Dodge pony car shares major components with the Plymouth Barracuda?
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Which German-made car has its engine in the rear?
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Which top-selling muscle car was only made through 1973, when it was replaced with the Chevy Malibu?
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What personal luxury coupe was Chrysler's first car model that was smaller than full-size?
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With which Japanese-made vehicle did the reputation for "typical" rust begin?
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Which car starred as The Bandit's car in 1977's 'Smokey and The Bandit'?
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Elvis Presley bought the very first model of which classic luxury '70s car?
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Which luxury model was the largest Oldsmobile model in 1970 when it was unveiled?
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Which subcompact Ford was recalled because it had a high risk of exploding into flames on impact during a crash?
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Which car was Plymouth's first affordable but highly styled sporty model -- its first 'pony car'?
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Which was Cadillac's largest sedan of the '70s?
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The 1977 model of which off-road vehicle was the only year to come fitted with a gas door?
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Which of these Italian-made cars claimed a World Rally Championship three times?
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Which is the first BMW supercar, introduced in 1978?
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According to Road & Track magazine, which sports car offered "performance on the order of an American Supercar but without the stigma of low cost?"
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Which car, which began as a trim option, went on to become the best-selling model in its class?
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Which car began as an economical small car before transforming into a popular '70s muscle car?
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Which car was GM's first in the U.S. personal luxury car market?
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Which Toyota model's name means "celestial?"
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Which car stars in the movie, "Gumball Rally," driven cross-country Cannonball Run-style?
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Which off-road vehicle is considered a precursor to today's SUVs?
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